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Independent Distributed Solar Power Generation System

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-27 17:54:09
Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd., an experimental system installed on residential buildings in Moriguchi-shi, Osaka, is an example of the use of amorphous cassia solar cells, the world's first solar power generator system using amorphous silicon solar cells. 20 integrated amorphous silicon solar cells, installed in the above model residential 513 of such components, the solar cell output voltage rating is 24V, power modules from the 9 series, 57 parallel.

In order to improve the efficiency of the converter, the DC input voltage is designed to 96 V, lead-acid battery charging and discharging method is charging 24 V, discharge 96 V. lead-acid batteries such as 48 210Ah-2V series up, when the discharge depth of 50% The maximum can be stored 10kWh power, overload or lack of storage power, the use of cutting off the switch and load, while changing the way for commercial power.

The maximum output power from this solar power generation system is 2kw, which can be used for lighting, TV and refrigerator, etc. In combination with solar collector, it can provide heating and hot water. In this system, the solar battery supplies lighting, Such as a television, a refrigerator and the like, and the solar heaters are required to supply heat, etc. In this way, it is highly desirable to improve the utilization efficiency of solar energy by utilizing the solar energy comprehensively according to the use.
on grid solar energy system
As a part of the technology development of the independent decentralized solar power generation system, the NEDO commissioned Hokuriku Electric Power Co., Ltd. to develop a solar power generation system for remote mountainous areas. Mounted on a mountain cabin in Daishamacho, Shinchoncheon-gun, Toyama , A system for remote mountainous areas that can be used even in snowy areas, such as a solar battery installed in a building, for a residential facility in a mountain cottage where it is difficult to obtain electricity from a distribution line, and a solar battery power generation system , Which is combined with the roof of the solar panels.

The system described above is a system with a storage battery capable of storing electrical energy, but on the contrary, it may be a system without an accumulator, that is to say, each household can pass the surplus power obtained during the day through a general power system, Such as water power, thermal power combined with the power supply to the factory to address the peak electricity in the evening, with the general exchange of power systems, the factory again use the remaining water and portable solar power generator of electricity supply to various families, Some of the practical tests have already begun.

In addition, in order to spread solar power to the general family, we have developed a solar cell tile, which is taking into account the land area of Japan is small, high land prices, it is difficult to get new space to install solar cells, and even reduce the solar cell itself Cost, due to the installation of solar panels and the framework of the cost of facilities and other facilities, the total system cost reduction is limited, this solar tiles, because the roof with the general family can be exchanged, no special installation space, and because Without the cost of the framework, so you can significantly reduce the total cost of the system.

The integrated structure can be freely routed, so it can provide any hope. (1) Each solar cell is provided with a waterproof connection wire, the electrical connection between tile and tile is relatively simple. Japan, according to the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), Japan, and Japan, and Japan and other countries in the world, and the power generation system in Japan is becoming more and more popular. The Institute of the proposed sunshine plan, set up a new energy integrated development agencies, school systems and factory systems with the practical work in the experiment.

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