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Improve Energy Efficiency Inverter Is Core

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 16:35:20
How to improve the efficiency of solar powered portable generator ,we should make the transform inverter.A general decline the price in three areas under bidding in the background, the overall efficiency of the power plant is not high, with frequent brownouts power plant northwest, project development slowed down the development of the region gradually eastward, eastern available land resources are gradually reduced. Therefore, countries have begun to introduce policies to encourage distributed the solar power generation, the Northeast region due to light and other resources, agricultural development, ideal for distributed PV development, the future of Northeast will become a new hot spot for PV investment, this trend will also be more helpful the old industrial base development and transformation.

Learn solar power generator people know, the inverter is the heart of photovoltaic system, directly determines the efficiency of the power grid safe or not. Zhang Yanhu introduction of photovoltaic development in the Northeast are facing special problems. Northeast temperature is low, will be frozen at night when electricity is not cooled, the second the sun rises, can automatically wake up? In cold areas, the inverter low temperature tolerance, low temperature start the inverterwill become more important.


As a core component of the inverter, the reliability rate is very important. In addition to efficient power conversion efficiency, but also consider it at and what kind of environment most conducive to the stability of the solar power system to 100MW power plant, for example, the loss of 9.66 million a year power generation, 25-year lifecycle power loss more than 240 million, inverter price is eight times the price difference if the inverter 3 points/W, the marginal rate will reach 80%. Based on this, optimization of the inverter capacity configuration, maximize system utilization while local conditions, scientific design, to meet the needs of different application scenarios, and ultimately maximize revenues.

Sun will focus on future power inverter to continue innovative research, so that portable soalr power generation later, the light, storage, combined with wind energy into a good Internet, it developed into a reliable electricity industry. To achieve this goal, the company will continue to meet the challenges, and strive to build efficient, safe, intelligent, friendly power plants, and lay a solid foundation for the rapid development of new energy Internet + era.

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