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How to Use Standalone Solar Generation System

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-29 16:44:42
Household solar power generator system divided into DC system, AC-DC dual-use system and the exchange of three types. Household models, although a wide variety, but mostly just the appearance and power of the difference, the use of similar methods, and relatively simple, summarized as follows.

Turn on the power switch, DC working lamp, charging indicator should be lit, when the sunny, the solar panel began to charge the battery, such as overcharge indicator light, you should unplug the battery plug (with charging switch can be turned off automatically cut off Of the need for this operation.

Access load, observe the power supply output voltage is in the normal range, if not normal should immediately disconnect the load check the power or load, troubleshooting can be used.
household solar power generator
When the undervoltage alarm (alarm light, alarm sound or indication) is off, the load should be turned off (without this function), the alarm is turned off and the battery is charged, and the power is turned on.

DC output regulation function of the solar powered portable generator power supply, with a variable DC output, the meter should be hit variable position, monitor the output voltage.

There are small electrical appliances constant current (or constant voltage) charging function of the controller, the charge, the first choice of "regular" or "fast charge", was charged battery access, to see the charging light, or should check the battery contact Is good, charging time should be good, to avoid overcharge or underfill [generally 1/10 capacity charge 14, fast charge 2-3h is appropriate) have a speed automatic timer controller is no need to fill this operation.

AC and DC power supply, open the AC switch, 220V AC output, pay attention to the inverter capacity, access to the corresponding AC load, not overload, such as overload indicator or undervoltage indicator light should turn off the power, the unloading or charging operating. This function is not required for inverters with automatic shutdown function.

As the current household use of small solar power generator systems are mostly maintenance-free batteries, so the battery (group) after the box is also buried in the underground is also a good method of installation.

System maintenance points

In the current price of solar cells is not very low case, to get a better economy, it is necessary to extend the life of solar cells as much as possible, and maintain the system to maintain a good working condition is very important. Solar cell maintenance work is not usually large, in the wind season, should check ground support is solid, loose,to prevent dumping, the rainy season check the air tightness of the package to prevent water, and often check the cable connectors and plug-in, handle Good loose, replace the rust pieces. When the work surface is found to have dirt, must be promptly cleaned. Regularly on the module output voltage, battery charge and discharge monitoring and record the situation and found that abnormal should be promptly dealt with, the individual has been damaged (or significantly reduced efficiency) of the battery components should be replaced.
portable solar power generator
Solar Panel Solar modules have passed the performance tests of GB/119064-2003 or IEC161215-1993 Design and qualification of crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules for ground use] and other product quality standards. Such as in the process of transport and storage for solar powered portable generator, there is no appearance of serious flaws and other issues in the provisions of the working environment, the service life should be greater than 20 years (using 20 years, the efficiency is greater than the original efficiency of 80%),the quality of solar panels is reliable . So the maintenance is relatively simple, the user should always keep the board clean, wipe the dust, in particular, to avoid dirt cover, resulting in hot spot effect. If possible, rainy days covered with plastic sheeting to prevent oxidation of metal parts of the rust, where there is strong wind reinforcement attention to support, to avoid down, causing damage.

Due to the special nature of the manufacturing process of solar cells which is important part for portable solar power generator , for more serious failures, such as no significant reduction in output or output, the average user can not repair, in the quality assurance period should find product manufacturers to replace or find the warranty department.

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