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How To Sensible Heat Storage ?

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-23 15:19:53
Sensible heat storage is usually used both liquid and solid materials (because the specific heat capacity of gas is too small, generally not used as heat storage medium), in addition, according to the type of heat medium and heat storage medium is the same into a single medium The former is used for liquid heat storage medium (such as water), while the latter is used for solid heat storage medium (such as rock) situation.

After a systematic study, comparison, testing and screening, the current view is more consistent: in the low temperature (especially in the low-temperature, high-temperature storage, Heating, heating water and air-conditioning solar power generation system applicable temperature range), the liquid material with water as the best, while the solid material in the sand and gravel are the most appropriate because these materials are not only larger than the heat capacity, abundant sources, the price is also Very cheap, and they are non-toxic, and no corrosive.

Large mass and volume As the general sensible heat storage medium storage energy density is small, so if you want to store a considerable amount of heat, the required storage medium quality and volume are larger, and thus the heat storage capacity is also used Even if the heat storage medium itself, the price is relatively low, but the whole storage system is still relatively high Meng, the space is also larger, especially for existing buildings and multi-storey For large-scale and long-term (cross-quarter) storage heat, it is more expensive to use. In recent years, underground aquifers and solar power storage have also been the most important .The research and experimentation has attracted considerable attention and has yielded encouraging results.
Ultra-large-scale Photovoltaic Power Generation
The input and output heat temperature range is large, and once the heat flow is not stable.Therefore, on the one hand is not easy with the needs of the heater (constant temperature and heat flow), often need to adjust and control devices, thus increasing The complexity of the system k line, and also the high cost of the system; the other hand, the system's insulation requirements are higher, not only need to use good insulation properties of the material, but also increase the insulation layer used Thickness, thereby also increasing the cost of the solar power generation system.

The use of liquid (other than water) for sensible heat storage, but also a variety of sensible heat storage in the theory and technology are the most mature, the most widely used and popular one.Usually want to use the liquid in addition to a larger specific heat capacity, But also has a higher boiling point and lower vapor former is to avoid the occurrence of phase change (to gaseous), the latter is to reduce the pressure on the heat storage container in the low temperature liquid sensible heat storage medium, the water is The best performance, and therefore is the most commonly used one.In the near future, portable solar power generator and mobile power will often appear in our daily lives.

The use of water as a sensible heat storage medium, you can use stainless steel, aluminum, reinforced concrete, copper, iron, wood and plastic materials such as heat storage container, the shape can be cylindrical, spherical or box. It is necessary to pay attention to the corrosion resistance and durability of the materials used, for example, when cement and wood are selected as the material of the heat storage container, the thermal expansion property must be taken into consideration to prevent water leakage from cracks.
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