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How to replacement the electric vehicle battery ?

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-22 13:48:10
Electric vehicle ran for a long time, the lifePo4 batteries on the merits can not keep up, this time for the battery to the electric vehicle can be solved, than replace an electric vehicle is much cheaper to buy batteries when we must live Unpacking, see factory date, security code, license number, factory plant and other parameters, in order to identify new and old lifePo4 batteries.

lifePo4 batteries are generally divided into two new and dedicated service. The new service dedicated battery and battery is a clear distinction, such as a certain brand of batteries, general service battery it will contain "service dedicated (not for sale)," the new battery packaging and packaging service dedicated batteries are not the same, the former packaging is a white pattern, which is earthy packaging.
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Electric vehicle battery replacement generally requires four steps:

First, recognize the need to change the lifePo4 batteries electric vehicle

Before changing to the electric vehicle lifePo4 batteries check whether indeed you are finished. If your electric vehicle battery is damaged, you do not need to consider repair electric vehicle battery problem, one should replace it immediately. If not before, then decided to check in to make both ends of electric vehicle batteries, and see if there is corrosion sulfate formation. If you have to use a hammer to tap the extreme, to see if something can etched brushed solar power portable generator. Your electric vehicle batteries could perhaps be used again.

Second, the replacement of old electric vehicle lifePo4 batteries

If you decide to change your electric vehicle battery, then it is ready to take away the old bar. First, we use the soda scrub electric vehicle batteries. Then use a wrench vehicleefully loosen the screws attached to the negative electrode of the battery, removing the wire clamps from extreme. Then removing the same positive. Then pay close attention to electric vehicle batteries is also used for solar powe portable generator, it is removed from the electric vehicle. After removing the electric vehicle lifePo4 batteries, spend a little time to clip and battery tray wash with soda water. If you can not be cleaned, it is recommended that you replace them.
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Third, the installation of a new electric vehicle battery

vehicleefully insert your new electric vehicle lifePo4 batteries. Confirm the positive and negative electric vehicle battery placed correctly, then screw on the rack so that the electric vehicle is fixed. Connect the positive cable clamp, negative, too. Then covered with hood, try riding your electric vehicle!

Fourth, recycling old electric vehicle batteries

This step is important to stress for portable solar power generator. Your old electric vehicle lifePo4 batteries is highly toxic and must be adequately addressed. You can take it to the electric vehicle service station or dealership, we recommend that you take it to the recycling center, where they will confirm whether the battery can be reused.

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