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How To Recognize The Merits Of The PV Plant

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-12 09:13:59
With the increase in solar power plant, solar generator quality is good or bad a problem many owners concerned. However, the quality of identification of distributed portable solar power generator systems for professionals also still difficult, not to mention the lack of expertise PV user. So how can we ordinary users the most intuitive approach to quality PV system simple recognition?

Inverter Tdentification:

PV inverter is to convert DC power into AC power intermediary. The quality of the inverter determines the level of solar energy conversion efficiency. The inverter is one of the electrical equipment belonging to the PV system more prone to problems, be sure to buy the regular manufacturers of quality products in order to ensure the stability of long-term portable solar power generation. Daily defenders should also pay attention to the main ventilation to avoid moisture and too closed environment.
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Good quality, high efficiency inverter enables higher power output of PV systems, such as the first-line brand of inverter conversion efficiency is 96%; and poor quality, low efficiency inverter system will derogation solar power generation, conversion efficiency of these inverters most only 90% or less. Accordingly, the inverter high quality and good price, good quality and low prices.

Holder Identification

Good steel stent thickness meet the standard requirements, can be substantially equal or greater than the thickness of 2.2mm, strong anti-corrosion and weathering performance, but also to ensure a 25-year service life. And inexpensive stand may not even 2mm thickness, corrosion resistance and weathering properties of natural difference, even if your local no storm, no wind, calm most of the time, but PV systems us lifePo4 batteries for stored energy outside year round sun and wind, corrosion resistance the difference, then, in case of a bad day stent corrosion and did not check out, causing the fall of PV modules, is worth the candle; even if the component did not fall, but will result in corrosion of the bracket assembly angle changes, reduce system capacity, so that your income damage.
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Between a photovoltaic array of solar power modules connected in series through, blocking will affect the generating capacity of the entire array. For example, if a PV array is the six components, wherein one component part if the block generated as a shadow, this solar power portable generator assembly 6 will be affected. In addition, the block will cause the assembly to generate hot spot, resulting in damage to the assembly.

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