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How To Read The Instructions Of Solar Cells

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-26 16:22:42
Before using a solar battery, it is important to know which type of application, for example, to be used as a power source for a calculator that has been used most recently, and which is used indoors, so it is rarely used as a source of sunlight. Fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps, and the like, and fluorescent lamps are used in almost all places in Japan, and the calculator is composed of a large scale integrated circuit (LSI) and a display section (usually liquid crystal) used for the calculation of the power consumption of the technology Progress has been gradually reduced, and now about 10uw, driving voltage is 1.5V to several volts, so the calculator for the solar power batteries to be selected under the fluorescent lamp power of about 10uw, the voltage is 1.5v to several volts output of solar power battery , Whereby the solar cell used in this calculator is mainly the integrated type amorphous silicon solar cell module described in Chapter 5.

Above to the application of the calculator, for example, listed in the instructions before reading the necessary points to understand the general situation, look at the instructions before the solar cell to be clear the following items:
  • The required power;
  • The required voltage;
  • Possible sources of light;
  • Light source stability:
  • The use of the environment.
The first two items are determined by the load device used. It should be noted that the required power is constant. Generally, according to the working condition, it is better to use the power storage device when the instantaneous high-power output is needed. Capacitors, general battery) In addition to the voltage required to understand the stability requirements.
Optical Tracking System
The possible use of the light source by the use of the decision, can be divided into the following two cases: the outdoor natural sunlight as the light source and indoor fluorescent lamps and other artificial light as the light source.The former light intensity of 50-100m2 / cm2, Of the light intensity is only less than 1mW / cm2, it must be noted that indoor low light conditions, the use of solar power batteries can not be used for high-power negative load of the machine.

The stability of the light source must be considered for the sunlight, the intensity of the incident light due to the sunshine time, the sunshine time, the weather (rain, cloud, etc.) is different, and a stable power output can not be obtained. The power storage device must be installed.

As for the environment in use, there is no problem in indoor use of solar cells, but outdoor use of solar power batteries is a must be considered in the outdoors, because the solar cells by direct sunlight, heat caused by temperature rise , The output varies with temperature, so we must pay attention to the use of the temperature, we must also consider the use of cold places, to withstand wind and rain, the impact of ice and so on.

The following description of the actual instructions:

Electronic products (for indoor use) of the sun voicing instructions.

For electronic products, the instructions of solar cells, almost all include the following four:
  • Output characteristics;
  • Spectral characteristics;
  • Illumination characteristics;
  • Outline;
  • Output characteristics.
Various types of solar cell output tons, the table for: the type that the type of solar cells; series is usually only 0.5V per cell battery is about that number of unit cells connected in series;
The best working voltage, the maximum output voltage when the solar power portable generator output voltage; Best operating current Maximum output current of the solar cell; Illumination, note that the above output characteristics measured in the illumination, the livelihood of the units used lux to represent , The external dimensions represent the size of the solar cell, including a portion of the area that does not produce electricity.

Spectral characteristics are described in Chapter 4. Depending on the type of solar cell, solar cells are usually used indoors. Fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps are used as the source of light. It is important to note that the light source matches the solar cell. Matching good solar cells, that is, the spectral characteristics of the spectrum with the light source close to the solar cell, we must pay attention to unit lux corresponds to the human eye sensitivity of light intensity.
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