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How to Properly Use Phone Lifepo4 Batteries

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-12 16:47:39
The fast development of smart phones now believe that I do not say we all know, all of a sudden from a single core processor to the current eight-core, the screen resolution of 480P from the previous to the current 2K and even 4K resolution, which only in less than a few years. However, the smart phone has no breakthrough in Lifepo4 Batteries technology, but you want to happen to the smooth running of high-profile, enough power is essential.

First, the first charge is not necessary to run out of power after the charging

Many now have a misunderstanding, that power must speak all used up before the first charge, then fully charged. In fact, this approach is not correct, the current smart phones are Lifepo4 Batteries, lithium batteries no memory effect. Sufficient dissatisfaction or did not run shall not affect the life and capacity. No matter how much power the charge, did not affect later the phone's battery.

Second, avoid excessive use of battery

Try not to use less than 20% of electricity in mobile phones, especially do not use the phone at 5% or less of electricity, the Lifepo4 Batteries will cause irreversible damage. It is the same with people, if hungry for too long or has been in a state of starvation, would produce damage to the stomach, eat more rice will be less.

Third, avoid charging too long
battery for solar energy storage
Whether it is a long time without charging or long charging time will be on the phone's lithium battery causing great harm, but also Helenians examples given, eat dinner have a meal, the body is definitely not good. But now smart phones generally have automatic protection, after a full charge will not continue to charge the Lifepo4 Batteries, and that is no longer eat after eating.

Fourth, do not for a long time the battery is maintained at 100% of the state

Optimal battery charge status is probably around 40%, which, when the battery voltage is not too high nor too low, such as lifepo4 battery pack. The higher power consumption is the faster, 100% of Lifepo4 Batteries is discharged a month, and 50% one month of battery discharge, the former is larger capacity fading. It's like when people full of energy metabolism faster, more enjoyable when you relax. So, if a long time to maintain the battery at 100%, to some extent will affect battery life.

Fifth, avoid using the battery at a high temperature or low temperature

I do not say that we should know, in high and low temperature rechargeable lithium batteries for mobile phones will cause great harm, high temperatures we should all understand, that may cause the battery to explode, while cold will give the Lifepo4 Batteries life brings a great impact.

Sixth, the use of original mobile phone charger

Many inferior charger, it is possible parameters failed, not only damage the Lifepo4 Batteries, is likely to generate for our personal safety injury, so be sure to use the factory original charger, especially when you use solar powered portable generator.

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