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How To Prevent Solar Power Generator Insulation Damage?

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 16:33:07

How To Prevent Solar Power Generator Insulation Damage?

1.The operation of the portable solar power generator oil leakage should be checked and parts, solar power generator body no water, to prevent moisture and air entering the transformer insulation damage caused.

2.The transformer respirator seal oil level should be maintained and must be kept clear, desiccant dry, absorbent ensure good results.

3.Regular checks to ensure that the transformer explosion-proof membrane, safety relief valve intact, preventing direct communication with the air, resulting in transformer of transformer oil moisture content increases, the deterioration of the insulating properties of the oil.

solar powered protable generator

4.Up the oil in the transformer for solar power generator, should pay attention to the oil conservator qualified, fill oil to prevent deterioration caused by oil, and banned from the bottom of the transformer tank to supplement the oil to prevent air and impurities into the transformer tank at the bottom of the body , in particular to prevent the metal impurities into the interior of the transformer.

5.When signaled after the light gas protection action, to promptly take gas conducted to ascertain the ingredients and take oil samples chromatographic analysis, identify the cause, and remove.

6.The operation of the transformer light gas protection should be reliable investment, will not allow unprotected lifepo4 as storage of solar power generator of transformer into operation, such as short-time work will need to disable the protection, there should be measures should be resumed immediately afterwards.

7.Transformer winding temperature and top oil focus monitoring, when approaching the high temperature, to promptly load, cooler and ambient temperature such as a comprehensive comparative analysis, and effective control and strive to achieve timely detection of internal transformer potential failure.

8.Oil flow indicator indicates where you want to double-check, if it is found to be opened in time submersible pump outage, otherwise the oil temperature will quickly rise threaten the safe operation of the solar power generator.

9.Always check the transformer arrester operation recorder, record and make a number of operations, we found arrester action, should try and check the transformer outage.

10.Of bolt holes solar power generator's transformer body oil sample to focus inspection, maintenance personnel to prevent unfastened after sampling resulting in oil spills.
solar power portable generator
11.The transformer internal fault trip, should be removed as soon as the oil pump, stop the pump operation. OK, avoid free, metal particles and other impurities from entering the non-defective part of the solar power generator failure.

12.To prevent overheating of the transformer winding insulation deterioration and burned. Reasonable control of running top oil temperature rise. Especially for forced oil circulation cooling of the transformer, when top oil temperature rise exceeds the allowable value when rapid control of the load, to keep the oil temperature within the specified range, otherwise the transformer for solar powered portable generator down load operation. stransformer overload during operation, it must closely monitor its oil temperature within a predetermined value, and to compress the load, reducing the running time overload, prevent long-term high temperature insulation caused by the operation of accelerated aging.

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