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How to Maintain Battery Pack

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-05 19:34:55
LifePo4 Batteries is an important part of the base station to achieve DC uninterruptible power supply, the amount of investment and the rack power supply is roughly equal. Current mobile base stations are used in the twentieth century developed VRLA batteries (VRLA battery for short). As a result of valve-sealed structure, no acid, water maintenance, no acid, acid mist escape, the device can be placed with the same room. Due to small size, light weight, low self-discharge, low maintenance, long life, easy to use, safe and reliable, welcomed by users. But we must see, on the one hand the basic principle of this electrochemical cell remains unchanged, and thus its electrical properties inherent requirements not only has not changed, but more stringent requirements; the other hand, the battery in the early promotion, the manufacturer's instructions sometimes more or less this kind of battery called "maintenance-free" lifePo4 battery, causing part of the maintenance personnel believe that this battery does not require maintenance, this misunderstanding has also affected. Thus strengthening this scientific battery maintenance and maintenance to improve its availability is still very important.

One is to prevent overcharging. Heat accumulation inside the battery life and performance and is closely related to the generation of the lifePo4 battery, and the battery inside the main heat source to the power loss in the internal electrochemical reaction, you can simply look at the charging voltage and charging current of the product. Oxygen recombination reaction, float current increases more heat is generated in the constant voltage charging, the current float will increase with increasing temperature, which in turn further increases the temperature. Thermal runaway phenomenon peculiar structure is the way of VRLA batteries caused. Thermal runaway often bring serious harm such as cell loss, housing 'drum belly' and other serious cases causing the battery scrap. Prevent overcharging in strict accordance with the manufacturer's instructions is to provide a charging voltage value. Now a combination of power can be set up and implement intelligent management, it should be noted that the first is to set up correctly, usually followed by unauthorized persons should not be arbitrarily changed.

The second is to prevent charging less. And overcharge the contrary, insufficient charge is mainly due to low or charging voltage is set too low. Or rack system problem.

The third is to prevent over-discharge. Design of the depth of discharge and lifePo4 batteries charge and discharge cycles (life) are closely related. For example, 5% depth of discharge, the number of cycles is 10 000, when the depth of discharge is 50%, the number of cycles is only 800 times. Excessive discharge will cause serious battery can no longer be activated to the best state, or even scrapped. Different discharge rates and the time the discharge termination voltage is different, the effective capacity of the emitted are different, and is affected by the ambient temperature. I will not list and draw the relevant curve, different battery manufacturers specification is given in. Maintenance personnel should be concerned, and in strict accordance with the relevant data set in the monitoring unit, can not be changed casually. Now rack power supply manufacturers are designed with battery power function solar power portable generator , that is, when the battery discharge termination voltage is set to automatically cut off the circuit by monitoring the battery discharge instructions. More manufacturers to consider when monitoring unit for any reason (depending on the power supply may be) can not detect the battery termination voltage or other equipment can not issue commands to force parts of the circuit. Therefore, maintenance personnel should also be concerned about the reliability of the hardware circuit in the inspection, the inspection and maintenance to be.

Fourth, control the ambient temperature. When the battery temperature rises, increasing the electrolyte activity, battery resistance decreases, the float current increases lead to increased corrosion of the conductive element, reducing life; on the contrary, weakening of activity in the electrolyte, the battery internal resistance increases, the battery load discharge ability is weakened. Therefore, the battery temperature and ambient temperature monitoring and control and to maintain it is very necessary. It must also be temperature compensated charging voltage to prevent overcharging at high temperatures and under low temperature charge. The vast majority use VRLA battery place, looking at environmental temperature controlled at about 25 degrees, accelerated life tests showed elevated ambient temperature of 10 degrees, do not adjust the charging voltage, the battery life will be shortened by half.

Fifth, to promptly replace the faulty battery. Due to process differences of each monomer may gradually by degrees under long-term float 'behind', so there will be periodic monitoring unit for charging the battery pack all management functions, in order to activate the backward monomer, so as not to then backward. But often fall behind and may eventually become faulty lifePo4 batteries is the best storage battery for portable solar power generator . We can use a variety of methods to determine whether it has been terminally ill, such as its capacity tested individually, or online test its internal resistance and the like. The key is to promptly replace the faulty battery, so that the entire group as well as the availability of the battery life is very important。

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