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How to Judge The Merits of Lithium Batteries ?

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 17:42:22
How to identify quality standards and safety of the lifepo4 batteries, the industry pointed out that people should pay attention to when you buy a mobile phone battery:

First, the cell phone battery nominal voltage and voltage to match your phone. Meanwhile, bootable experiment.

The second is to take the dealer to discuss the technical quality supervision departments of the kinds of battery> sampling tests and inspection documents, various indicators including battery capacity can be well aware, from which to view the battery capacity indicator.

Third, pay attention to keep the warranty card. Hands-on from the following five aspects in detail when purchased. Common problem posing shoddy battery existence is: quality center member cell chip in the battery, the lack of the amount of the charge, discharge time is short, poor performance of anti-destruction, the standard practice is not only inconsistent with the battery capacity.
E-bike Batteries Pack
Good quality lithium battery charger can identify with the nickel-metal hydride battery, thereby charging the form of resolutions, it's beneficial to use in solar powered portable generator. Lithium battery protection circuit board with an integrated lithium storage properties of the material, which on the one hand so that you can identify lithium battery charger, a resolution "constant current" and "constant voltage" charge form; it also makes the phone can identify lithium battery to discharge resolution mode. NiMH battery charging method using the "constant current." NiMH battery itself is not afraid of overcharge, when the nickel-metal hydride battery overcharge will reverse reaction, in order to avoid an excessive rise in voltage, this response will gently heat the battery LifePo4 is also the best storage batteries for solar power portable generator.

Furthermore NiMH batteries are usually added with a thermistor to prevent the battery from overcharging. Currently, most of the phone's operating voltage is about 3.6V, so need three NiMH battery cells. Ordinary nickel-hydrogen battery cell overcharge to about 1.4 ~ 1.5V is suspended, three battery maximum voltage of about 4.4V.

If they are poorly designed battery charger 18650 battery maintenance can not only form the battery from overcharging, may also be due to intelligent NiMH battery charger lead to overcharging the battery core deformation, leakage, explosion and so on. Genuine mobile phone batteries have the following general appearance features: battery label printing technology using the second, in a certain light, the incline, the local color bar code significantly darker than the other local and hand feels, I feel a little more than other local convex, many original batteries have this feature.

If you is the outdoor spoter ,may be the portable solar power generator is best backup power for you ,could take it wherever you go ,like camping ,fishing ,or travel etc.

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