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How to Install Solar Panel Power Generation

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-29 16:33:14
Household solar power generator installation structure has a fixed, single-axis tracking, dual-axis tracking. The dual-axis tracking type due to complex structure, poor practicality, high cost, household PV power supply system is rarely used. While the single-axis tracking manufacturing costs and the number of PV modules is difficult to save the corresponding value of the corresponding value of power (high tracking accuracy of the product can save about 20%, the same rarely used at home and abroad with a variety of household solar power generation system Most PV modules are mounted in a fixed structure.

Connect the wire, in addition to the general technical requirements, the need to pay attention to the installation of vulnerable links. Between the PV module and the controller due to the connection of the wire from the outside to the room and the distance is long, in order to prevent the impact of the external environment to accelerate the aging or damage to the wire, can be buried into the underground PVC pipe into the room (not including portable Photovoltaic power products). The solar power generator system between the inverter and the battery due to carrying low-voltage, high current, you need to connect the distance as short as possible, wire cross-sectional area is large enough, and placed in a location not easily disturbed by the outside world. In addition, the battery (group) and control the inverter components required to be placed in a relatively dry and the surrounding environment temperature range is smaller.
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Wires and parts of the connection between the wire and the wire the joints must ensure good contact and maintain its surrounding insulation, dry.

A new household PV power system installation and start to use must pay attention to
① strictly avoid all kinds of electrical and wire short-circuit, solar panel bracket must be installed firmly and stable.
② solar panels must be installed in the correct azimuth and tilt angle, to avoid dust pollution, the box to avoid water
③ When the voltage indication is below the "V" warning zone (red zone or hear the alarm sound), indicating that the battery charge is insufficient, should immediately turn off the switch, stop using, recharge to normal use area (or green area) (With automatic control functions with the exception of products
④ solar panels or controllers, inverters should not be connected after regular plug.
⑤ Do not tilt the cabinet, but can not be inverted, so as to avoid damage to the electrolyte overflow equipment or hurt the human body.
⑥ Do not short-circuit the battery pole, otherwise it will damage the battery.
⑦ lamps must be equipped with a dedicated high-performance energy-saving lamps, can not use other lamps, do not touch the lamp electrode, can not arbitrarily lengthen the light wire or other electrical wiring.
⑧ the first time before the best use of the first fully charged battery re-use as well.
⑨ Do not connect the DC power supply and the AC adapter to the power supply.

⑩ Minors under the age of 16 Do not touch or move the components.

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