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How to Install Battery Pack For Household Solar Power Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-05 08:47:25
How to install battery pack for household solar power portable generator ? Mounting conventional solar modules with mounting holes, clamps and chutes and the like. Different installation methods match different external load requirements. Either way, solar modules installed on the roof when they need to combine the carrying capacity of the roof, water resistance, etc. considered, the installation of photovoltaic systems on the roof will increase the constant load of the roof, which needs to be checked architectural design units carrying capacity . Additional solar power generator system on the roof can reduce cooling / heating load of the building to some extent, to reduce building energy consumption.

Storing solar photovoltaic cell assembly, handling, and installation process will not hit or damaged, with particular attention to prevent the backing material component glass surface and the back of the direct impact of a hard object. The solar battery module should be no deformation, no damage to the glass, scratches and cracks. During the installation of household solar power generation system, the lifePo4 batteries pack is another important cell components are installed after a good job. Because battery life is very susceptible to their environment, especially in the hot and humid environment will shorten lifePo4 battery life. Therefore, the battery should be installed in a well-ventilated, damp and dry environments.

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In addition, taking into account the system efficiency and safety factors in a small solar power generation system, the lifePo4 battery should be as close to the solar panels and controllers; and in a large power system, battery pack and controller best photovoltaic panels the back of the wiring, inverters and AC power distribution cabinet room separate place.

Before placing should be taken between the lifePo4 battery and ground insulation measures to avoid a short circuit with the ground and discharge the battery, you can generally choose dry wood or other insulating objects. If large number of battery pack, you should consider using a dedicated battery holder and the use of stents reliable grounding.

After installation of battery pack for portable soalr power generator system, to total battery voltage and single voltage measurement, single lifePo4 battery voltage is equal. It should be noted, special wiring distinguish positive and negative, positive and negative do not reversed. In order to ensure the quality of the wiring, the battery must be in close contact between the electrode and wiring injection and injection pole and the connection point of Vaseline coated film, inverter manufacturers to avoid too long time rust corrosion caused by poor contact. Further, since the battery is also a combustible substances, should pay special attention to fire prevention measures.

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