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How to Improve Solar Energy Conversion Efficiency

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-28 15:16:15
How to improve the conversion efficiency of solar cells of solar power generator is extremely important.Crystalline and amorphous solar cells so far to improve the conversion efficiency of the development process and future projections.Presently expected to achieve low-cost amorphous solar cells, the conversion efficiency The Japanese Sunshine Program and the US Department of Energy's development goals can be expected by 1990, solar power generation will largely reach the popularity of the period of time, At that time the production size of 10X10cm2 size, efficiency slid off] 0% of the amorphous solar cells is not a dream.

In order to popularize the large solar power generation, it does not have to be reduced. To this end, the above mentioned mentioned, the conversion efficiency Wei is necessary, at the same time, the expansion of production is a variety of solar cell conversion efficiency changes and Increased speculation (crystalline solar cell conversion efficiency represents the characteristics of the produced 100 cm2 class cell) is extremely important.
on grid solar energy system
According to the author, in order to achieve the goal of the plan, that is, the price of solar cells is less than 100 yen, W <0.4 dollars / w), the annual output must reach several hundred megawatts to several thousand megawatts, the same situation in the United States Pointed out that the US Department of Energy's plan.Now the world and Japan's solar cell production, in 1983, but only 15.3MW and 5MW said, therefore, it should be raised to hundreds of megawatts, still need to make great The authors believe that to achieve this step, the region, so that the application of solar cells in electronic products (civilian) is very important to the popularity of this market size is expected to 30-50MW / year. In order to expand production, of course, also consider the relevant market demand, the author is equal in 1980 in the world's first production of amorphous solar cells, and use it for calculators, and since then, its production rose sharply today, amorphous solar power batteries accounted for 68% of Japan's total output, as the main solar cells.

The application of solar cells in electronic products has already begun, and the application as a small independent solar power generator source is underway and will soon appear in large-scale solar power generation systems in public facilities and factories such as irrigation water pumps, radio relay stations, schools, etc. In addition, The solar battery watt and the application of hybrid solar cells, solar cell extension to the residential application is not long. If the conversion efficiency of 10%, the cost! 100 yen / w solar cells can be achieved, then in Chapter IX (home solar power generation system) said 30cm2 area, with about 600,000 yen can get their own supply of electricity.
solar power portable generator
In fact, in order to reduce the capacity of the battery, the sun should be connected with the usual lighting electrical system.In the daytime, the excess power to the system transmission line for the factory and other consumption, the lack of part of the water, fire and nuclear power supply , The evening instead, then take the power transmission line power consumption, which is called the floating system.According to the considerations of the previous section, the solar power battery components laid on the slope of the mountain and the coast and other places, which in the near future In addition, these solar cell modules are connected to the power system and mixed with the conventional solar powered portable generator system.

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