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How To Improve Heat Exchange Performance

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-23 15:10:41
Requirements for heat exchangers the use of heat storage media is not only to store heat from the solar collectors in the form of sensible heat or latent heat or chemical reaction heat for a long or short period of time, It is possible to store the heat to be stored and to release the heat required for the heat load in accordance with the designed rate of the heat exchanger.Therefore, it is necessary to design and manufacture the heat exchanger with the following requirements:which is necessary to improve the solar power portable generator performance.

In order to avoid the temperature fluctuation during the heat transfer process of this large, generally should be a smaller heat flow heat exchange Huan, therefore, the heat transfer medium flow should not be too large, so heat exchanger heat transfer area Zhu to need more Big.

In order to improve the heat exchange performance, usually with good thermal conductivity of metal (such as copper or aluminum) made of heat sink or heat pipe, but good thermal conductivity of the metal mechanical properties and corrosion resistance is often poor, if necessary, need to take up Measures.
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In order to be able to use conventional heat exchangers, the heat storage medium is preferably fluid and constant in viscosity so as to circulate within the heat exchanger by means of pumping or gas pressure differentials, but at the same time satisfies both the thermal conductivity and viscosity Sexual moderate and corrosive and other aspects of the medium is not required, so often need to use another kind of heat transfer fluid circulation in the heat exchanger to transmit heat, and the use of good thermal conductivity of the media to store heat for solar power generator.Thus, The heat transfer area of the heat exchanger is increased, and the cost of the whole heat storage device is complicated, and the cost is increased. In addition, since the cost is increased from the solar collector through the heat exchanger to the heat accumulator, From the heat exchanger through the heat exchanger to the heater, after a series of heat exchange process, the heat utilization efficiency is also significantly reduced.

Requirements for thermal insulation of heat storage containers In the case of heat storage at low temperatures, the requirements for thermal insulation of heat storage containers are not high, but for heat storage in medium and high temperatures, This is because the stored heat must first be able to maintain the desired thermal level throughout the heat storage period, solar power generation which necessitates good and efficient thermal insulation; and since the heat exchanger is required The geometric shape is often more complex, and thus the heat loss at the input and output ports become more prominent.Thermal insulation measures are used for conduction, convection and radiation three red heat transfer methods are described below.

The most simple way is to use high-quality insulation bricks or other insulation materials.If it is a static heat storage device, and will not impact, vibration and deposition, then the use of refractory fibers C such as quartz fiber) and its fabric will (Such as aluminum foil with corrugated cardboard, nylon cloth or plastic as the substrate) is placed in a vacuum (e.g., aluminum foil with a corrugated cardboard, a nylon cloth or a plastic as a substrate) with a reflective screen in a more perfect process in recent years ,the effect is very good.
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Convection, the traditional double-layer thin-walled intermediate vacuum vacuum Dewar principle is still used to eliminate the heat loss due to convection.

Radiation when the heat storage temperature is increased radiation heat loss to occupy more and more important share is usually installed in the inner wall of the heat storage container to fire fibers separated from each other multi-dimensional reflective screen (polished), generally with a certain mechanical strength of the porous metal multi-level configuration. TAG: Ireland Hawaii Duke 100Ah 48V telecom Malta Battery-Box Passenger NTPC Containerized Off-Grid Code Building California