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How To Identification the Quality of Solar Energy Battery Storage

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-11 10:50:58

Effect of Solar Energy Battery Storage

Solar energy as a new clean energy highly respected environmentalists, but when there is no sun, how should I do ? Solar power storage solutions case is to exist.PV off-grid power systems using the principle of photoelectric effect to convert solar energy storage battery to electrical energy generation system, usually consisting of solar modules, controller, battery, DC / AC inverter and other components.
100Ah 48V solar battery storage

Plan, the role of the solar cell module is to convert solar energy into electrical energy and supplied to the load of work or to the solar energy battery storage pack; the role of the controller is a solar storage battery charge and discharge protection; battery for storing electrical energy; the role of the inverter the direct current is converted into alternating current. At night or rainy days, when the solar cell module does not work, powered by a lifepo4 battery pack to the work load.

Solar battery storage work can be divided into two recycling and the use of float. Often in frequent charging and discharging state, that is recycled; often in a state of charge of the float was used to make up for the loss of battery capacity due to self-discharge caused. PV system with VRLA batteries are recycled in a manner.

Best way to Identification the Quality of the Solar Energy Storage

By this standard, methods to identify, select solar absolutely wrong!Solar water heaters are large household durables, once it is possible to buy a home ten years does not change. Solar water heater materials, technology, technology is different from the life of 3 years, 5 years, there can be more than ten years. As on the roof of the hot water supply facilities, old and new solar energy does not affect the aesthetic appearance of the room, do not worry about upgrading problems. Therefore, from the perspective of the family investment, buy a life of more than 10 years of solar energy is the most cost-effective.

Valves, insulation, interior and accessories are the main factors affecting the life of the solar energy.Vacuum: vacuum tube solar water heater is the core component of its role is to absorb the solar energy into heat energy, and water pipe heating cycle. Quality vacuum tube directly determines the performance of the entire water heater.

Ordinary vacuum degree of vacuum is low, small power vacuum unit, exhaust time is short, the degree of vacuum only 10-1-10-2pa. Vacuum tube can not store heat for a long time, after a period of time in the outdoors, and thermal insulation performance is not pot. Coating technology backwardness, coupled with the technology, however, the emission ratio remains high, heat dissipation, the same sun day, half the amount of hot water are not high-quality solar energy.
soral storage battry
To make the battery system with high reliability, we must first correct choice of solar energy storage batteries, UPS batteries and communication in the design there are different: some have better battery cycle characteristics; some battery suitable promoter; some battery suitable for low-temperature environment; some battery suitable for low current discharge and so on.

In the selection of the solar storage batteries, the battery in the understanding of the various processes and the differences between the use is necessary, we must first fully understand the needs of users of the product itself. Such as back-up power system capacity needs, frequency of use, the use of the environment, the main purpose, service life, reliability, instantaneous discharge rate, rectifier solar energy storage batteries specifications and other relevant performance requirements.

We must understand the electrical performance of the solar energy storage batteries, including product design parameters (battery model, the appearance of size, rated capacity, rated voltage, the weight, the weight ratio of the energy, the volume ratio of energy, design life, the number of positive and negative plates sheet, positive and negative plates thickness ratio, the electrolyte density, type plates, grids and other materials), product electrical performance parameters, the actual life of the product, installation environment, the performance of different types and prices of different types of product warranty and so on.Save TAG: South Time Drones Tiger Devices Alta AES Ireland Hawaii Duke 100Ah 48V telecom Malta Battery-Box