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How to Know Beforehand Storage Battery Not Work ?

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-12 11:10:55
It has been described as a car battery power stations. Battery life is generally 2 - 3 years, if used and maintained properly, it can be used to more than four years. If used and maintained properly, it will damage within a few months earlier.

In use, the battery should be checked periodically height of the electrolyte, in a timely manner to save the battery power status is checked and supplemented. Battery maintenance is relatively simple, good supplement electrolyte batteries and battery poles and piles of clean proportion control, etc., can effectively extend battery life. Due to the widespread use of maintenance-free battery, lifepo4 batteries under normal operating conditions, generally do not need maintenance.

1. Clean the external battery
2. Check the battery fluid level
3. The added electrolyte

4. Check the electrolyte specific gravity.

lithium batteries

According to charging batteries of different performance tests, it was found inside the battery failure and its causes. 

(1) Normal state. When charging the battery, the battery voltage and electrolyte specific gravity are increased according to certain rules, and the electrolyte temperature is not high. This indicates that the battery technology status is normal, but belong to discharge too much should be charged. 

(2) State of cure. When the internal battery charging during vulcanization, the initial single cell voltage may rise to about 2.8V, the electrolyte temperature is high, as the charging continues, a few hours later, single cell voltage drops to 2.2V, and later slow rise good battery charging the same law. Serious internal battery cured, single-cell battery voltage will be higher than 2.8V or more, the proportion of electrolyte does not rise, the beginning of charging, the battery will take bubble phenomenon.

(3) Active material shedding. Active substance in a serious loss of battery charging electrolyte turbidity, reduced battery capacity, battery charging time is shorter than normal, and other electrolyte boiling charging ending phenomenon also appeared earlier.

(4) Self-discharge. Self-discharge of the battery, the charging time is longer, the proportion of the electrolyte and the terminal voltage rises slowly. If there is a serious short circuit inside the battery, regardless of how long charging time, the proportion of the electrolyte and the voltage will not rise, and no bubbles batteries, the electrolyte is like a backwater. 

Battery hydrometer when green, indicating that the battery such as solar power batteries is fully charged; presenting "dark" zone, indicating that the battery needs to be charged; presenting "light" zone, then the electrolyte is too low, the battery needs to be replaced has been scrapped.

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