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How to Extend LifePo4 Batteries Life Of Electric Vehicles

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 16:54:06
New energy electric vehicles more and more people's attention. Compared with conventional cars in the use of new energy electric cars, four details that need special attention.

Don't Hard Acceleration Rapid Deceleration

New energy electric car fast speed, at the start, uphill, instantaneous high-current discharge lifeP4 batteries will power the battery cell affected. Hot weather sudden acceleration, a sudden deceleration, the lifepo4 batteries easily lead to rapid warming in the long run, it will cause the battery pack to premature decay, reducing its service life. Therefore, the process of driving the car as much as possible the main smooth acceleration and deceleration, it is best to maintain a constant speed.

 Avoid Sun Exposure

 Lead-acid Batteries
High summer temperatures, try to park your car into the shade or to the library parking, do not exposure, to prevent the internal battery pack temperature and pressure rise, resulting in a temporary loss of water inside the lifepo4 battery pack, lifePo4 battery caused decreased activity, accelerate the battery plate Ageing.
Summer Charging Low-power
New energy to charge electric vehicle charging pile power is not the same. In summer, the best choice for owners of low-power charging device to charge the car. High-power charging device charging current, charging rate will be faster, but also the impact of the battery becomes large, the battery pack temperature rises easily, with hot weather, easily affect lifePo4 battery life.
Don't Charge The Open in The Rain
Frequent summer rains, the new energy electric cars wet rain, the owners don't charge right away, be sure to put the car ventilated place to dry after the charge, or likely to cause a short circuit car.When we use the soalr powered portable generator we should pay attention to rain ,summer and winter.
In addition, new energy electric vehicle owners must be careful not to open-air charge in the rain, if your hands are wet or standing in the water, be sure not to plug the gun charge, in order to avoid danger.
If rain is relatively large, some sections have produced water, try not to open new energy electric vehicles wading traffic. If you have to wade access to advance observation power is sufficient to avoid causing the vehicle lfiePo4 battery is too low stranded in standing water.

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