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How to Detect and Maintain LifePo4 Batteries

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-13 10:43:46
LifePo4 batteries is the energy source of electric vehicles and electric vehicle to provide power for all the electronic systems on the vehicle. Battery performance and stability in order to ensure good performance of the entire generator set, then the battery inspection and maintenance how?

LifePo4 Batteries Testing Methods:

(1)The battery pile head for corrosion and loose, corroded if need warm water and washing soda solution, trailer coupling external painted some grease to prevent further corrosion;
storage lifepo4 battery pack
(2)Check the lifePo4 batteries electrolyte level. Battery 6 cell level need all the checks, do not check only one or two cells, if the level is below the lower level line, you need to fill the battery with distilled water or replenisher. Note that the battery must not raise tap water, because tap water contains impurities will shorten battery life. Fill in the same time to pay attention not to spill battery electrolyte, the electrolyte may be because of excessive discharge from the battery at the time of heavy load, causing corrosion and damage;

(3)Using the specific gravity of the electrolyte status of the viewing window to check on the lifePo4 batteries if the battery power loss, it is best to go to the designated repair point solar powered portable generator inspection and charging.

LifePo4 Batteries Maintenance Methods:

First, the battery should be placed near the generators, cables so that the battery will not be too long, but also need to keep the battery in place to facilitate maintenance. When the battery is linked to the generator, then the positive first, followed by the negative electrode, when the load or downtime, it is timely to unlink prevent lifePo4 batteries positive and negative short-circuit occurs.

Secondly, we must regularly check the battery, including battery terminal voltages; battery electrolyte density, temperature, altitude conditions; Note that the battery is in accordance with the specifications link to link; remember to check whether the battery corrosion; regularly discharging tests. etc., which are required for the daily work.
portable solar power generator
Finally, the lifePo4 batteries charge is a basic work, should be well ventilated, there is no snow, sparks, fire, charging environment; best to use the original charger charging charging; charging, wire link to the right; the use of reasonable current charging; battery when charging, when the temperature is above 45 ℃, it should stop charging, doing heat treatment.

Again, we would also like to remind you: lifePo4 batteries life is generally 2-3 years. After this period, the main storage battery  for portable solar power genertaor testing particular attention to the usual maintenance, when necessary or timely replacement, to avoid danger.

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