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How To Design Software For Solar Power Generation System

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-14 13:22:51
During the portable solar power generator system design, can be assisted through professional design software. If used properly, can greatly reduce the amount of calculation, to save time, improve efficiency and accuracy Gao. For example, the horizontal plane of meteorological data obtained in our solar irradiance weather in general, are the values recorded, and the solar power generation system design also needs to be a specific value of inclination, so the conversion is generally calculate the relative complex. With the software only needs to input the azimuth or inclination can immediately see the changes in the structure of the system is very convenient and effective.

Now the international system more commonly used software provided obituary about a dozen, such as Shell solar pv Designer, Germany Dr. Gerhard Valentin developed PV * SOL, Canada RETSCREEN, mainly concentrated in the United States, Germany, Japan and several photovoltaic industry more advanced developed countries, other countries rarely develop. Japanese software generally high degree of visual, user-friendly, easy to operate for solar generatiom system, it can be said to be relatively complex PV systems designed to be simple, interesting and vivid. German software is fully functional, more heavy note practicality. US design software which is characterized by relatively abundant meteorological database (such as NASA's database is very comprehensive). PV system designer can choose the actual needs.

Following a brief German PV * SOL design software. Operation of the software industry faces. PV * SOL is used for simulation and design of solar generatiom systems software. A wealth of relevant data is the basis for the PV system design. PV * SOL in establishing databases have done quite well. It provides a detailed meteorological data in many countries and regions in Europe, and is based on lh at intervals. These data include solar irradiation intensity, the designated place l0m Gao wind speed and ambient temperature?. All data can be a daily/weekly/monthly time intervals are displayed in the form of tables or curves. In addition, it contains a wealth of data load, the inverter characteristic data 150 kinds of solar battery components, 70 kinds of battery characteristic data, 150 kinds of stand-alone systems and grid systems. All data are available through user defined and expanded, increasing design flexibility.
During the actual design, first select the installation location of solar generation. If there is no exact location database data, you can choose a similar location data or data obtained by other means and input software. Since then we must choose the type of system, PV * SOL software system is divided into three types: stand-alone systems, grid systems and hybrid systems, the design method of each system are different.

The next step is to select and load inputs. Rich and full load type parameter is one of the biggest features of PV * SOL software. Many software can determine the total load of the work throughout the year and electricity consumption, in fact, this PV system design is not accurate, we also need to know a certain number of hours in the work load of children and the power load per day the specific number of hours of work, which days in the year, what day long working hours, which days short working hours and similar details. These all affect the matching inverter solar cell module and storage 'pool to choose from. Here is a simple example, suppose a 11W energy saving lamp of a year of work 365h, it can work lh day to be in the first half and the second half does not work every day work 2h. The solar power battery module and the battery selection in both cases is clearly different. Therefore, detailed load information is necessary for solar power portable generator. After determining the load after the software can calculate the system requires the solar cell module output and battery capacity. At this time we choose a good component type batteries and other equipment, software components, and storage battery will give the number of series and parallel and so on.

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