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How to Design Hybrid PV System

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-14 07:06:13
In addition to the mixed use of solar power poratle generator systems but also have a variety of energy sources, energy common methods are: wind, diesel generators, biomass and so on. Hybrid photovoltaic systems based on the use of photovoltaic power generation but also on the comprehensive utilization of these energy sources to power the load. Two common hybrid photovoltaic system are wind and solar power portable generation systems and photovoltaic oil machine hybrid systems.

We first discuss the wind and solar power systems. In many parts of the solar and wind energy has a certain complementarity, such as September solar radiation values highest plateau every year, and the most abundant wind resources in the month of October in the year to next April, the solar wind and solar power generation application system provides a good foundation. And the balance due to the battery characteristics such that for wind and solar photovoltaic system must be considered independent consecutive rainy days or independent wind power generation system must be considered consecutive days without wind caused larger problems eased. However, during the time of the first wind and solar system design needs to consider the characteristics of wind power.
① Wind power is very sensitive to wind speed, far greater than the degree of sensitive photovoltaic system of solar radiation. Jt theoretically speaking, wind speed and wind turbine output is proportional to the third power. This gives the design of wind power to bring some influence, if the estimated wind speed greater than the actual wind speed, the output of the system will be far less than the actual requirement of the load, making the design parameters of the solar power generation must be very accurate. On the other hand, if the wind speed in the area is Gao, the use of wind power generation cost is very low, and in general, if the average wind speed is greater than 4m / s, then the cost of wind power will be lower than in a good area lighting conditions a photovoltaic system. But because the wind speed varies greatly, annual, quarterly as well as the day changes are great, it is best to use wind / PV hybrid system, reducing the sensitivity of the wind speed and thus the impact on system power.

② Wind power installation position of the fan is very sensitive. Even in the same region, with the same weather conditions, wind turbines located in different positions, can make a big difference for wind power, such as hills and woods are located on a wind-motor wind speed sites have a significant impact, thus affecting the output of the wind turbine portable solar power generator.

③ Gao wind power installation of the wind turbine blades are very sensitive. Because electricity generation with wind speed variation degree becomes of Gao, in the same installation location of the fan blade 5m and 20m Gao Gao fan is different.

Taking into account the above factors, it is recommended to conduct site surveys a year in installed wind power station site, in order to obtain more accurate data, facilitate the design of the solar power generation system. The primary problem wind and solar power system design is to find the best match for solar and wind hybrid system on their size, both to meet the functional requirements to obtain the lowest cost and the best fan capacity, the solar cell module with the size and capacity of the battery . The basic design ideas are as follows.

① Understand the actual situation, to calculate the monthly average daily load on the system needs to make the daily average electricity M curve.

② Calculated a variety of wind turbines, solar components of each month throughout the year, average daily power generation M, made their annual day of each month generating capacity curve.

③ The generating capacity curves at different wind and photovoltaic power generation specification two kinds of power generating device will be more fit.

④ See which combination of complementary fitted curve and the average daily electricity consumption curve approaching.

⑤ Close fitting curve of a cost estimate, choose the lowest cost curve as a piece of design results.
Consider the oil-PV hybrid systems. For where there is not enough wind resources and load larger photovoltaic power supply system, if you want to take into account the weather after a storm or bad weather the longer the battery will not discharge, or be able to quickly recover the battery SOC, we can use two ways: one way is to use a large solar power generation system, namely a large solar cell module and a large battery capacity; another way is to consider the use of a hybrid system, adding to the system a reserve source of energy (usually a diesel engine, or gasoline) in the winter or in bad long off the air in every few days will be filled with lifePo4 batteries backup power may simply not be used in the summer. In the end is the use of photovoltaic systems or the use of larger aircraft photovoltaic hybrid system, which is the key determinant of the system cost.

PV oil-hybrid system greater flexibility for different system requirements, there are many different approaches design of hybrid systems. When designing the system, we must make the right choice in the initial design stage. Throughout the design process we must always bear in mind during the operation of the entire portable solar pwor generator system. Cross different parts of the hybrid system a lot of interaction between the designer must ensure that meet all the requirements overlap. No matter what the method in accordance with the design, you must first make the oil-functional photovoltaic hybrid system just to meet the load demand, then consider a variety of factors, balance the influence of various factors on the system.

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