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How to Crack Security and Battery Energy by Silicone AB Face

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-07 17:14:29
Today increasingly dependent portable soalr power generator because of we need wonderful life.Since the thermal cooling pack links can play a balanced temperature, fire proof, water-proof insulation and other role, silicone is seen to enhance battery safety "new hope." Including Ningde era, China Xuan Tech, Foster and other major battery companies are exploring silicone used in battery manufacturing. It is a silicone containing Si-C bond, and at least one organic compound group is directly bonded to silicon atoms, with high temperature resistance, electrical insulation, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, physical inertia and other performance advantages. Silicone enterprises according to these characteristics, the different types of power battery market and customer needs, develop different forms of products. Currently more common types of products on the market are: silicone encapsulants caulks, silicone foam, thermal pads.

From silicone and lifePo4 battery pack business enterprise feedback point of view, the role of silicone on battery power include the following three points:

Thermal Cooling

Thermal cooling and balanced temperature. Lithium battery in the normal operating temperature of -20℃ -60℃,the temperature is too high or too low are likely to cause problems. After using silicone, depending pack technology, silicone perfusion arranged slits around the battery pack, the battery pack with a layer of barrier, even in hot or cold environment, the lifePo4 batteries can remain stable.

Fire Proof

When the battery pack in one single cell failure occurs explosion limit, silicone encapsulants can cut off oxygen to play a protective role in the protection of other batteries battery pack is not affected, does not cause the entire lifePo4 battery pack explosive combustion. At present, silicon Symbol Technologies, Lexus new material two companies have this product.
It is worth noting that silicone is not a panacea, even when the battery pack is two more than the number of batteries explode, silicone does not prevent the explosion of the entire battery pack, can only delay the time of the explosion, the passengers on this electric car, the That extended the time to flee.

Insulated Waterproof

Physiologically inert silicone pack guarantees its compatibility with the rest of the course material, plus the insulation properties may protect the battery inside the key electronics, batteries and bus, and thus avoid the lifePo4 battery short circuit, surge and prevent the risk of battery fire. In addition, the silicone water repellent,companies also use this feature to develop waterproofing products like solar power portable generator, in response to the typhoon, heavy rain and other harsh environment, the battery can silicone wearing a "waterproof clothing."

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