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How To Connect The Solar Cell Module

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-29 15:22:34
The connection of the solar cell modules has a certain influence on the conversion rate of the solar powered portable generator.The single cell connection is mainly in series and parallel in two ways, can also be used in this way to form a series, parallel hybrid connection. If the performance of each single cell is consistent, a number of single cells in series connection, without changing the output current in the case of the output voltage proportional increase; and parallel connection, you can not change the output Voltage, the output current proportional increase; series and parallel hybrid connection, both to increase the component output voltage, but also increase the component output current. Can also be used in this way to form a series, parallel hybrid connection.

The power requirements of a solar powered portable generator system are always matched by a large or small array. And this array is composed of a sufficient number of PV modules through the series and parallel to form a hybrid circuit to provide sufficient voltage and current. In the hybrid solar modules, all the characteristics of the battery can not be completely consistent, all the connecting cables, plug contact resistance is not the same, so will cause the series lifepo4 batteries components at the operating point of the current vary, bringing energy Loss, this situation will be inconsistent in its characteristic curve will appear.

on grid solar energy system

This can also occur for parallel-connected lifepo4 batteries as storage battery for solar powered portable generator ,if the voltages at their operating points are not the same. This is especially true when multiple components are combined into a large array. Therefore, the efficiency of large arrays is always lower than the sum of the individual cell efficiencies. This results in a loss of connection. The loss of coupling depends on the relative dispersion and fill factor. It can be seen that the loss of the connection of the pure series circuit is related to the dispersion of the short circuit current of each cell. The loss of the pure parallel circuit is related to the discrepancy of the no-load voltage.

Solar cell in the manufacturing process, due to technical reasons, resulting in a certain deviation of parameters, this deviation will significantly reduce the efficiency. Require manufacturers to produce the lifepo4 batteries have good consistency, must be used very strict and prudent production process, then will increase the production cost. Lifepo4 batteries can be tested, screening that features similar to the battery together to significantly reduce the adapter loss.

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