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How to Choose The Best Portable Solar Power Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-12 17:32:19
Today Battery Charging Defects

Today's most backup power (DC system, ups, etc.) in the energy storage like portable solar power generator is achieved with battery pack. So as the last performance batteries guarantee uninterrupted power supply becomes essential. Confined to technical reasons and cost converters semiconductor charge the way we have been using is shown below for the entire group of single charger series battery.
solar power storage systems
Charger with constant current limiting mode in parallel with the lifePO4 batteries pack together forever, in theory, when the loss of battery capacity, the charger will automatically add, but in practice, we found that the presence of the following aspects of such a system use in solar power portable generator sotrage battery.

First, there is a single battery characteristics quite different, even the same batch of factory battery characteristics are its large deviations (in domestic battery performance is particularly prominent), and therefore will run together as a unit charge and discharge can not be based on single cell operating parameters to run state charge and discharge is bound to cause some of the battery overcharge or charge less, may also cause over-discharge, which is in general a set of runtime reach the nominal life of one of the important reasons why the lifePo4 battery.

Second, the portable solar power generator storage battery voltage detection operation in this mode, the internal resistance is more difficult. Now widely used in the installation of a separate battery testing device, but the device can not detect the battery and charger good fit. From the above two points, we can see in this system according to the battery state (voltage, resistance, remaining capacity, temperature and other parameters), and the lifePo4 battery charging curve to manage just empty talk. Separately installed battery testing means it will also result in increased costs.

Third, with the progress of semiconductor technology, high-frequency switching power supply with its small size, light weight, high efficiency, low noise advantages of a great trend to replace traditional thyristor rectifier power supply, but using such a scheme in the charging mode, because charger need to provide a higher charging voltage and large output capacity, the device and process technologies as well as demanding, as we all know IGBT is difficult to over 20KHz, and the MOS-FET if used in high current loop from the knot the pressure drop is so big, solar powre portable generator there is a great amount of heat, so the process is limited to the device and the reasons monomer frequency switching power supply (> 20KHz) output current capacity of more than 6KW is very difficult, so they use a small module operating mode parallel flow but the number of modules and increasing complexity also brings reduced reliability, for which proposed the concept of N + 1 redundancy backup point, which is caught in a vicious circle of technically.

Ideal for lifePo4 battery charging

LifePo4 Batteries pack charging and testing is performed in units of each section, all charging and battery testing module contains the processing unit, handle their own charging and testing process. All modules by the monitoring unit via the communication bus harmonized according to the operating parameters and battery status. Normal operation, each charging modules in series to form an integral solar power portable generator supply to the load, and for each battery to float charge the battery when the AC power failure will provide power to the load. All rechargeable battery hot-swappable modules and withdrawable structure, module and battery replacement and repair will not affect the operation of the system.

First, in this system for portable solar power generator, a single lifePo4 battery charge is conducted independently, each charging module can be combined with each section of the battery is fully operating parameters and the operating status of each scientific solution battery charge and discharge, avoiding the inconsistency caused by the battery parameters overcharge, due to charge and over-discharge and other problems, to ensure the battery life.
solar energy storage batteries
Second, in this system solar power portable generator, each section of the battery, and charging in the same block, the organic combination. On the one hand battery detection portion can be controlled by the charging section easily achieved battery voltage, internal resistance testing. On the other hand charging part can be measured parameter (including single battery internal resistance, voltage, temperature, PH value) of the lifePo4 battery charging reasonable based on the detection unit. Truly a battery charging curve by combining its operating state management ideas.

Third, we know now realize the small-capacity high-frequency switching power supply is very easy on the device and the process does not require high demands. Also has high reliability. We can compare Option One in to today's commonly used 220V / 10A module comparison, the output power of the highest voltage 280V * 10A = 2800W, and the battery capacity of more than 800AH system, we also need to adopt an output current of 20A of the module the output power of up to 5600W, large output capacity for natural high-frequency devices and manufacturing processes put forward higher requirements, while reducing the reliability.
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