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How to Choose Right Communication Way For Solar Power Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-28 15:31:40
In recent years thanks to national policy support, China's rapid development of new energy industries, including PV installed capacity by the end of 2015 has reached 43GW. With the proportion of PV in the primary energy consumption increasing, the safe operation of PV is becoming more and more important, which is directly related to the national economic lifeline. Over the past decade, the international and domestic outbreak of a number of power grid security incidents, such as the United States and Canada "8.14", "11.4" in 2012, India two blackout, December 23, 2015 Ukraine large blackouts and other accidents, to the socio-economic A huge loss. Above the root cause of the accident lies in the lack of highly reliable means of information security, especially the Ukrainian power outages, the relevant security agencies have confirmed that hackers are attacked through the network power monitoring system, resulting in energy system paralysis.

Therefore, the security control of the power monitoring system and solar power generator system the reliability of the means of communication of the equipment play a decisive role in the safety of the entire power grid. With the development of new wireless communication technology and the large-scale deployment and commercialization of 4G network, whether it can be applied to the power monitoring system has been a hot topic in the industry.
Expert Interpretation: solar power generator monitoring system is a safe area I, should be used optical communication, at the recent "China PV operation and maintenance and post-evaluation seminar", for the current large-scale access to new energy power grid encountered power scheduling Security issues, the State Grid Corporation of the power system management and information exchange committee on the work of the Working Group focused on the power monitoring security system and security zones and other aspects.

The power monitoring system is divided into production control area and management information area, in which the production control area can be divided into control area (security zone I) and non control area (security zone II). According to the relevant standards, solar power station monitoring system, automatic power generation control AGC, automatic voltage control AVC belong to the production control area (security I area). Security Zone I, should be used optical communication, is strictly prohibited the use of wireless networks and wireless devices. The current part of the power plant to monitor the system is divided into areas outside the production control and use of wireless devices in practice has violated the relevant provisions of the power system. "As the early new energy is small, does not exist in place where supervision is not in place, the relevant departments are also gradually regulate the new energy access to power systems, where not meet the standards, need rectification before the network."

The security access area is connected to the production control area through the one-way isolation device, and can not transmit the scheduling instruction
In view of the current industry is very concerned about the third party power plant operation and maintenance management system how to connect with the power plant monitoring system, Li Wei, the Secretary-General said at the meeting: According to the power monitoring security requirements (14 orders), if the external terminal , Operation and maintenance management system and other third-party equipment and solar power backup generator production control needs (security area I) communication, it should establish a secure access area. Security access area is not an independent partition, and production control of the region (security I) in the other parts of the connection, must be set by the national designated departments for testing and certification of power for horizontal safety isolation device. Since the security access area is connected to the production control area through a unidirectional isolation device, the information can only be transmitted in one direction and the power scheduling command can not be transmitted through the security access area.

Large-scale new energy access to power system security issues has been the power system management and information exchange committee to control the working group is very important research direction and one of the main content. Secretary-General Li Wei at the meeting called for more industry professionals to discuss how to continuously improve the safety of portable solar power generator systme operation.
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