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How to Choose Portable Solar Power Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-22 14:21:34
For those who prefer outdoor travel, safari friends, solar powered protable generator should be the essential equipment, because it may be your camping LED lights, cell phones, digital cameras, PSP, GPS, mp4 players, laptops, etc. Digimon provide reliable green power protection, but portable solar power generator in the word is still at a preliminary stage of development, the quality of products on the market is uneven. Here to tell you briefly explain how to choose a solar powered portable generator.

Portable portable solar power generator from the constitution is divided into three parts: First, solar panels; Second, special storage battery; Third, standard accessories section.

In general, the impact of portable solar power generator the quality and performance are mainly: Solar panels and special storage batteries:
LifePo4 solar storage battery
Solar panels on the market today have a solar panel, monocrystalline,polycrystalline silicon three kinds of amorphous silicon

Monocrystalline silicon solar panel

1, Single crystal silicon solar cells: Currently, the production process has been finalized, is a semiconductor solar cell production uses more power, features: good stability, photoelectric conversion rate, etc., according to the current level of technological development of solar energy, monocrystalline silicon solar photoelectric conversion rate of battery can reach 15% --18%.

Polysilicon solar panels

2, Polycrystalline silicon solar cells: monocrystalline comparative advantage lies in low cost solar cells, photosensitive better than silicon, sunlight and incandescent lamps can be sensitive, but less than is obvious, photoelectric conversion rate are: 11% --13 %, with the development of technology, efficiency is also improved, but compared to the efficiency of monocrystalline silicon or slightly less;

Amorphous silicon solar panels

3, Amorphous silicon solar cell: amorphous silicon solar cell problems in photoelectric conversion efficiency is low, the international advanced level of about 10%, currently only: 6% - 8%, and is not stable enough, often the conversion efficiency decline down phenomenon, so not a lot to do large-scale solar power, but mostly for the low-power, such as a pocket electronic calculators, electronic watches and clocks, and so on.

Private storage battery

Now portable solar power generator will be on the market with a dedicated lifePo4 storage batteries to prepare for cloudy days and at night charged

From the material sense, lithium and nickel-metal hydride batteries have to distinguish

Lithium Battery: was divided into two --- lifePo4 batteries and lithium polymer batteries

The charge and discharge characteristics of lithium batteries are not memory effect, you can be charged at any time.

LifePo4 storage batteries: The biggest problem is that the charge and discharge memory effects, there are charge-discharge efficiency decreases defects, and generally speaking smaller than the voltage of each cell lithium-ion battery, it is solar powered protable generator is no longer in use lifePo4 batteries as a storage battery to use.

Also: Qualified portable solar power generator battery charge will have to let overload, overvoltage, overcurrent protection, the battery is fully charged will automatically shut down no longer be charged and discharged to a certain extent also automatically cut off power to protect the battery and power equipment.

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