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How to Choose Merits of Electric Vehicle Controller

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-07 17:06:56
Careful Observation Work

As we kow today most cars use lifePo4 batteries pack as the storage battery for power. A controller work reflects a strength of the company, under the same conditions, the workshop controller certainly not as big company's products; manual welding products and certainly not wave down products; appearance of fine controller is better than no attention to the appearance of the product; conductors too thick wire controller is lifePo4 bettery than jerry-controller; radiator radiator better weight control light controller, etc., has been pursued in terms of materials and technology companies relatively high credibility, will be able to see that contrast.

Compare Rise

Were sent the same conditions with the new controller and the controller used under the original forwarded blocking heat test, two controllers are removed radiator, with a car, feet propped up, turn to the first rotational speed to achieve the most immediate brakes, brake do not die, so that the controller into the stall protection, for 5 seconds at very low speed, release the brakes quickly reach maximum speed, and then brakes, repeat the same operation, such as 30, to detect the maximum temperature radiator point.
solar powered protable generator
Take two controllers data comparison, the temperature as low as possible. Test conditions should ensure that the same limit, the same battery capacity, the same car, the same car from a cold start test, maintaining the same braking force and time. End of the test should check the tightness of the screws fixing the MOS, the more that the use of loose insulating plastic particles worse temperature resistance, long-term use, which will result in MOS in advance due to heat damage. And then loaded on the radiator, repeat the test, compared to the heat sink temperature, which can examine the thermal design of the controller.When we camping we find the many people take solar power portable genertaor as emergency power.

Observation of Back Pressure Control

Choose a car, power can be bigger, unplug the lifePo4 batteries, use of electric vehicles powered charger, connect the E-ABS is enabled terminal, make sure the brake switch contact. Slowly turn the switch, fast chargers can not output large current will cause voltage, so that the motor reaches top speed, rapid braking, repeated many times, should not be damaged MOS phenomenon. When braking, the voltage charger output will rise rapidly, the test controller instant pressure limiting capability, if this test lifePo4 battery pack test basically no effect.

Current Control

Take full 48V lifePo4 battery capacity the better, let the motor reach maximum speed, motor output optionally two line short, repeated more than 30 times, should not be MOS damage; let the motor reach maximum speed, and lifePo4 batteries positive optionally an electrical short-circuit line, repeated 30 times, the rapid test controller capacity. Many in this part of the controller fool, if damaged, can compare the two controllers successfully withstand the number of short-circuit, the less worse. This part of the experiment can be verified controller software and hardware reliability design.

Efficiency Test Controller

Overspeed shutdown function, if any, in a car with no load test different controllers to achieve maximum speed, the higher the speed, the higher the efficiency, mileage is relatively high. In the above test are nothing special equipment situation, operability, extensive work contrast controller, temperature, voltage and current control and efficiency differences, which can reflect the merits of the controller. Consumers in the purchase of electric vehicles may wish to choose when the above experimental method under the circumstances, to buy more assured of electric vehicles.And we could choose lifePo4 battery pack for power battery for portable soalr power generator.

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