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How to Choose Lead-acid Batteries for Electric Bicycles

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-12 09:31:36
First, The Purchase of Common Sense

1. View product logo is complete. Including the manufacturer's name, product specification, date of manufacture, trademark; view inside and outside signs are the same, in particular, to check whether the body of the product with eye-catching logo, pay attention to whether the production date in the near future.

2. Follow electric vehicle batteries rated capacity marked. Battery rated capacity marked, the longer the battery discharge time, it is best not to buy non-rated battery labels, but if you want to pay attention to electric vehicles, if a plurality of label capacity, rated capacity should prevail. At the same time, this battery also could be used in portable solar power generator.

E-bike Batteries Pack

3.Buy well-known enterprises, large corporate brand batteries. Batteries are generally provided by a professional battery manufacturing plant, different brands, different manufacturers are different battery quality good or bad, prices are high and low points. Well-known, large-scale enterprises large scale, strong technology, good service, battery quality is guaranteed.

4.Optional matching LEP battery with automatic control of intelligent charger. Suitable charger can automatically adjust charge size and time will help to extend battery life.

Second Use Common Sense

1.When used in electric vehicles when starting uphill and against the wind, the best use of manpower to help the car start, simple electric car start, winds uphill and upwind riding, pedal power should be used in order to reduce battery load and prolong its life; in luxury electric car should start slowStep start, should not turn to turn in the end of the rapid acceleration; and when going downhill, you can turn to open the electric car. When the power is low, it should be at a lower speed ride; no matter when, should not be under-voltage state of the electric ride.

E-bike Battery Pack

2.Pay attention to the battery capacity is with time and circumstances change, it's important to solar power batteries. In general, with the increase in the number of use, the battery capacity will gradually decrease. At lower temperatures, the battery capacity will be reduced, can be restored until temperatures rise.

3.Master the correct charging method. Battery ambient temperature should be between 0 ~ 40 ℃, the charge should be carried out at room temperature. Note that the status of the charger and the normal charging time when the battery to prevent overcharging or under-charging, charging anomalies found, should promptly consult professionals, so as not to damage the battery. Promptly charged after use, preferably daily charge, such as a traffic over 20 km is best not to be promptly charged isoelectric completely run out of recharge. Long dormant, to regularly supplement the battery power.

4.Pay attention to the battery pollution. It recommends that used batteries handed designated trash, do not casually discarded, so as not to pollute the environment.

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