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How to Choose Home Portable Solar Power Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-22 14:05:31
Solar power portable generator system is not a standardized product, the same configuration may not be suitable for all users. But according to the user's situation to design and configuration, different places, environment and climate are different, not the same type of use. For example: some areas winter morning and evening temperature difference, sometimes the temperature reaches minus ten degrees. Under such circumstances, if the storage battery solar power portable generation system using lead-acid batteries, the battery inside the liquid freezes cause power shortage.
battery for solar energy storage
Installation of solar power portable generator system users, should choose what kind of solar power system?

1, Where the use of portable solar power generator system? How the solar radiation situation? (If you do not know the local situation, Baidu, you know.)

2, The system load power be?

3, The output voltage of the system is how much, DC or AC?

4, The system need to work how many hours?

5. There is no sunlight in rainy weather, the portable solar power generator system needs to continuously supply the number of days?

6, The case load, pure resistive, capacitive or inductive, starting current much?

7, What kind of solar modules, monocrystalline / polycrystalline? (Photoelectric conversion efficiency of monocrystalline silicon solar cells is about 18%, the highest 24%, photoelectric conversion efficiency of polycrystalline silicon solar cells is about 16%.)

8, The choice of what type of battery? (Commonly used lifePo4 batteries and maintenance-free gel batteries, a special place will choose to use lithium batteries.)

First, determine the portable solar power generator system is used in pure or lighting for household electric appliances?

The portable solar power generator can be divided into two, one family of DC lighting, two 220V for appliances and lighting.

Secondly, for solar power portable generator good or better?

The portable solar power generatore is designed for portable, portable, free installation, suitable for outdoor travel, the author should not be too large, so the battery capacity is small, but the high cost. However, can be a simple modular assembly, battery capacity, affordable, cost-effective, but also more suitable for outdoor travel and home use.

Then select off-grid or grid-good?
solar energy storage batteries
We know that the current types of portable solar power generator generation system from the main grid and two kinds of network, and the network is divided into two kinds of energy storage and non-storage devices. Each of the components has a difference, the place is not suitable for use as the most important costs are very different. In general, from the cost of network systems and network systems up a lot of energy storage devices and network and those without energy storage devices and network systems. Off-grid solar power portable generator system is suitable for use anywhere, and is only suitable for the grid can be incorporated into the public grid places.

Finally, consider the size of the capacity on the system.

System capacity is the size of the solar power portable generator system scale, directly determines the number of generated electricity a day, usually with a "W" represents tile, and whether it is in the net or off-grid power generation system, the system capacity refers to the installation of solar plate number. But for power-grid portable solar power generation system, and some manufacturers use the inverter output to indicate the size of the system capacity, it is not professional representation, we should pay attention to when buying. Model HL3001 such as off-grid power system, we called 300W off-grid power systems, solar panels is 300W, maximum output power of the inverter is 1000W, 1000W but some sellers will be called off-grid system, so buyers must Note that the size is the size of the panel or inverter output.

When choosing a solar power portable generator generation system, first according to their own needs to choose pure lighting or for household electric appliances, and secondly to consider the installation of off-grid or grid. If it is the lack of electricity without electricity use, can only choose off-grid power systems; electricity if convenient, in order to save electricity costs, the choice and portable solar power generator systems. In addition, the 1000 watts of small portable solar power generation systems, you can choose from the net; if it is more than 2000W, and can consider the use of the network approach.
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