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How to Choose a Home Solar Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-05 11:02:57
The Capacity portable solar power generator system is not standard size, the smallest solar lighting system for the 5W or 10W, but large or even tens of megawatts is G mega watt solar power stations. If asked a simple family needs means how capacity solar power generator system is ? which isn't prepared to answer, since the electricity situation of each family is different, household solar power generator system requirements in accordance with local conditions and the actual electricity users to place design and equipment.

First, the vast country, each PV module fixing hook local lighting conditions very different resolutions, which directly generating capacity of PV systems, the same size of the solar power generator in different local electricity use when there are A big difference.
portable solar power generator
Second, every household appliances variety, quantity and power consumption are very different, some families only for lighting and a small motor, some families have two or three TV refrigerators and other appliances as well, there household electricity less, and some large household electricity, etc., which are the size of the resolution of the system how much capacity needs.

Again, the power supply is not the same length of time, some families use a short time, and some families have needs for 3-5 rainy days, which is the resolution of the size of the system capacity. In addition, the function of user needs are not the same, some users can only deal with lighting, using the most simple solar lighting system, solar street light image on Countryside it; but most families still demand for general household appliances can use solar power generation system.

Of course, the capacity of the device is the bigger the better, but the composition also will increase. From the economical point of view the two viewpoints and useful, it needs to design and equip the public electricity situation fit solar power portable generation system. To determine how much hills inverter circuit diagram of a system suitable family, it is necessary to understand the following questions:

1. Where to use of solar power generation system?

2. What are the details and the total electrical load is how much? (And a variety of electrical power and the use of time)

3. The use of demand remains a few rainy days?

If your clearly know the demand of your home,it will be a easy process to choose a suitable household solar power generator system.

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