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How to Choose UPS For Telecommunications Room

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 16:48:38
Under normal circumstances, UPS system with charge by solar powered portable generator is divided into three categories, as back-up (or offline), line-interactive and double conversion (online). Different manufacturers offer different configurations of UPS, according to their target clients, applications, and functional requirements, as well as their desire for product differentiation, select the desired UPS. How to buy UPS uninterruptible power supply 1, first make sure that you data center equipment is needed more power, generally speaking ordinary PC or PC power is about 200W, 300W about Mac, server between 300W and 600W, the power value of other equipment may refer to the device instructions. As long as required to purchase it.

Secondly, we should understand the UPS's rated power, there are two methods: the apparent power (VA) and the actual output power (W), due to the presence of reactive power so that makes a difference, in terms of the relationship between them is: as power * power factor = actual output power. So when you want to calculate the purchase of 3, UPS usually divided frequency and high-frequency machine machine two kinds. Frequency machine thyristor SCR rectifier, IGBT inverter, bypass and frequency step-up transformer isolation composition. Its operating frequency rectifiers and transformers are frequency 50Hz, as the name suggests is called frequency UPS. Given these options, you should be how to choose your UPS configuration?

Know Thyself Know Yourself

In the choice of UPS when you need your business needs, but also understand their own budgets, set the invested capital and operating costs of the UPS system. You have to understand the availability of UPS, the UPS system you choose should not be those who can only tolerate a few hours of downtime. Choose your UPS configuration should be consistent with your availability requirements, and should be based on the potential loss of data center downtime, set your budget.

UPS BAattery
Cooling Infrastructure

Depending on the selected UPS system to your facility to increase the cooling load. For large data centers, UPS efficiency decreases even a percentage point or two are likely to translate into a lot of heat, excess heat must be removed in order to protect the equipment. Your existing infrastructure can handle the load, or do your UPS it is necessary to upgrade?


UPS system takes up valuable data center floor space, so make sure you choose the configuration does not require add more space in your facility. Now the room can be said that an inch of land is money, so the size of UPS is particularly important for portable solar power generator.


You have a temporary backup power systems (UPS), then why do not back up your backup? If availability is a key consideration in the design, so redundancy is necessary. Increasing the reserve-UPS, to avoid single point of failure, thereby improving the reliability of the power system. Typically a backup configuration is N + 1 (for example, if you need six UPS run your data center, then design N + 1 relates to seven devices), others, including 2N (double the required number of devices), 2N + 1 and so on. More redundancy to improve reliability or availability, but also requires more equipment costs (higher capital expenditures), more floor space (depending on configuration) and lower efficiency.
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Design Complexity

Simple designs are often less prone to human error and independent fault, but they may lack some of you prefer to see in the UPS system functions. For example, the line-interactive UPS system switch is a potential point of failure in the double conversion design, the fault does not exist. In addition, the complex design compared with the simple design, may require more maintenance (or simply put, is the higher maintenance costs).


If you expect your IT needs grow, you should consider modular approach. "Advance purchase" to buy more equipment than you need now, will cost you more capital expenditure, storage by  lifepo4 48V batteries space and potential operating costs. The modular approach allows you when you need to add infrastructure to avoid the growth in demand, the former facility into waste.

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