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How to Choice Solar Controller

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-08 14:42:19
Exit the protection voltage

Some customers often find that solar lights in the light for some time, especially after continuous rainy days, the street will be a few days or even days off, detection of lifepo4 battery pack voltage is also normal, the controller, the lights are no fault.

This problem has been so many engineering business doubts, in fact, this is "out of undervoltage protection," the voltage value of the problem, the higher the value set, the longer the recovery time after undervoltage, it will cause many days can not light light. On this issue, the Industrial Controller gives each customer the ability to set the exit protection voltage according to the configuration. But it is worth noting that the configuration of the battery plate must be reasonable, if the lifepo4 battery pack charge per day can not meet the discharge capacity of the night, the long run, the battery is often in the depth of discharge, life is greatly reduced, so the battery board configuration must enlarge the margin , The greater the configuration of the solar power batteries panel, the lower the protection voltage can be set, so that will not cause the impact on the battery.

LED light constant current output

LED due to its own characteristics, must be through its technical means for constant current or current limiting, or can not be used normally. Common LED lights are low-frequency inverter head power is by adding a drive power to achieve constant current on the LED lights, but the drive has accounted for the total power of the lamp about 10% -20%, such as a theory The value of 42W LED lights, coupled with the actual power after the drive may be about 46-50W. In the calculation of solar panel power and battery capacity, you must add 10% -20% to meet the drive caused by power consumption. In addition, the more the more the driver on a failure of the link. Industrial controller through the software for constant current power consumption, high stability, reducing overall power consumption.
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Output period

Ordinary controller can only be set to turn on the lights after 4 hours or 8 hours, such as a number of hours off, has been unable to meet the needs of many customers. Industrial controller can be divided into three time periods, each time can be arbitrarily set, according to the different use of the environment, each time can be set to close the state. For example, some plant or scenic no one at night, you can turn off the second period (late at night), or the second and third periods are closed, reducing the use of cost.I think will use this on solar power generator soon.

LED lamp output power adjustment

Among the lamps used in solar energy applications, LED light is the most suitable to achieve different output power through pulse width regulation. Such as a single 1W LED 7 Series 5 and 35W total LED lights, discharge at night, you can late at night and early hours of the time respectively, for example, the LED lights to adjust the duty cycle of the entire output, Power regulation, such as adjusting the night into 15W, 25W into the early morning, and lock the current, so that you can meet all night lighting, but also save the battery, battery configuration costs. The long-term test shows that the pulse width modulation mode LED lights, the whole lamp heat generated to be much smaller, to extend the life of the LED.

Some lamp factory in order to achieve the purpose of night power, the LED lights made of two internal power supply, night off all the way to achieve half the power output power, but the practice has proved that this method will only lead to half of the light source first light Attenuation, inconsistent brightness or damage all the way to light early.

Line loss compensation

Line loss compensation function of the current conventional controller is difficult to do, because the need for software settings, according to the different diameter and line length to give automatic compensation. Line loss compensation in low voltage system is very important, because the voltage is low, the line loss is relatively large, if there is no corresponding line loss compensation, the output voltage may be lower than the input a lot, this will cause the battery in advance Undervoltage protection, battery capacity of the actual application rate was discounted. It is noteworthy that we use the low-voltage system for solar powered portable generator, in order to reduce the line loss pressure drop, try not to use too thin cable, cable and not too long.
secondary life batteries

Many manufacturers in order to reduce costs, not consider the cooling problem, so that the larger the load current or charge current is large, the heat increases, the controller of the field tube resistance is increased, resulting in a significant reduction in charging efficiency, field tube Overheating life is greatly reduced or even burned, especially in summer outdoor environment temperature is very high, so a good cooling device should be essential for the controller.

MCT charging mode

Conventional solar controller charging mode is copied from the mains charger three-stage charging method, namely constant current, constant voltage, floating charge three stages. Because the mains power grid infinite energy, if not for constant current charging, will lead directly to the battery blasting and damage, but the solar street light system battery plate power is limited, so continue to use the mains controller constant current charging method is not Science, if the current generated by the battery panel is greater than the first paragraph of the controller limit the current, then it caused a decline in the efficiency of the charge. MCT charging method is to track the maximum current, do not waste, by detecting the battery voltage and calculate the temperature compensation value, when the battery voltage close to the peak time, and then take the pulse of the trickle charge method, both the charging method, Allowing the solar power batteries to fill also prevent the battery overcharge.

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