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How to Care Golf Cart Battery in Winter

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-13 10:40:00
Golf cart lifePo4 batteries maintenance needs to be throughout the year, especially in winter, the maintenance of good, may be extended electric vehicle battery life, but how? How can I make winter golf cart battery safety degree it is too cold in winter? then we have a golf cart in the winter to do maintenance work.

1, Winter golf carts generally use a lower frequency, so we first need to do to have it stored work to ensure that it can store temperature, humidity in a more comfortable environment, because of the lower temperatures will cause golf car lifePo4 batteries discharge occurs, long, long time affect the whole golf cart battery life.

2, Regular golf cart battery charging, to prevent long-term without the battery discharge occurs, the phenomenon of power loss, thus affecting the entire battery life issues.
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3, As a golf cart because of its own special type of electric vehicle, so we should do in the winter inspection of its lines, to ensure that all lines, fittings, lint-free aging, curing problems.

4, Check the brake system, the controller is normal, check whether these components appeared rusty after using this year, the problem of aging, we need to check each of the electric car bearing lubrication points if there is rust on a regular basis butter filling them this lifePo4 batteries is also as storage battery for portable solar power generator.

5, Long-term storage for golf cart lifePo4 batteries we should negative battery terminal post removing the power cord, making the DC circuit is opened at the same time regularly check the battery cable and terminals without loose, Zhu wiring for corrosion, rust track phenomenon. Available iron brush to clean the surface corrosion and rust.

6, In the winter due to low temperatures, the use of environment is more severe, so for security purposes we have as little as possible with a golf cart in the rain and snow, the water line to prevent the emergence of a short circuit, while the high-Le-fu buggy should avoid traveling in the plot water, snow more serious pavement.
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