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How To Avoid Spontaneous Combustion Of Electric Vehicle Charging

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-10 11:03:18
Charger ventilation, seated charging port, a fault should be immediately removed

One of the common electric vehicle public transport, electric vehicle charging spontaneous combustion when it? City Radio Sports Association professionals, many examples of electric vehicle charging spontaneous combustion, in addition, professionals but also from a professional perspective of the reasons for spontaneous combustion.

When the explosion occurred temptation electric tricycle lifePo4 batteries are fully charged, and wounded his eyes. It tells, the injured after the battery charge, battery charging wire wipe exploded outside interfaces. According to reports, the electric vehicle battery charging, internal lead electrolytic reaction occurs to produce hydrogen, while emitting a certain concentration of hydrogen gas in the event of fire or explosion that is Mars. Electric cars ignite while charging may also be charged with the relevant interface is not plugged in securely, because the interface is not plugged in securely, poor contact may produce sparks.
Ignite there is another possibility: charger fault. Some poor quality charger heat dissipation and self-regulating function of the voltage of the poor, to a certain extent when the heat buildup can cause spontaneous combustion, especially in summer, more likely, in addition, despite some of charging more than the charger fails long, are not automatically converted voltage, very dangerous.

The best conditions are guarded during charging, charging if the car in the garage, we must not allow other items covered or wrapped around the charger, plug connector and secondly to pay attention to the order of charging, first seated lifePo4 battery interface and then access power, once again, the charger does not come across as cooling, charging indication no conversion should be promptly repaired or replaced.

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