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How to Activate Mobile Phone Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 16:33:51
Memory phenomenon occurs can be reactivated. The key here is how to discharge the lifepo4. First, do not covet save battery terminals with a wire to short, this will cause damage to the battery! Some chargers have a discharge function, but this method has its drawbacks. It discharge current than the mobile phone operating current, which also damage the battery. Besides it can not determine whether the electricity discharged. The best way is to use a mobile phone natural discharge, which of course takes time. Pumping a home on the weekends the phone when not in use, the boot so that the phone is in standby mode, and so on its own power cycle discharges. Usually repeated several times immediately after boot can not open, then do not think that has been discharged, the phone should be a period of time and then boot. This repeated discharge until the phone is still placed more than an hour longer boot, even if the discharge is basically over. Way charging activation methods and bought a new phone, just as when first charged more than ten hours, and then supplementary charge two to three hours. If you have enough time, supplementary charge can repeat two or three times.

Do not wait for the phone to shrink very short time to do active, that would be because of lack of time caused by insufficient discharge, lifePo4 batteries memory still remains. Time activation will still be short. When the best time is shortened to take measures to activate. For example, the new phone usage time seven days, when the time is reduced to about four days to do in relation to activate. This weekend you can easily finish the activation.
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Sometimes buy a new phone or reactivate a time not long after use decreased significantly, the memory effect is not necessarily the case, but it may be caused by poor contact. Preferably before re-activation of the battery and the phone's contacts to make a clean swabbing do: with a small cotton swab or toothpick wrapped in a paper towel dampened with alcohol swabbing it. You must not use a hard object to scratch, but will increase as poor contact. No alcohol available in high spirits instead. After swabbing use a paper towel. Wipe dry immediately to avoid overflow opening alcohol cause a short circuit between the lifePo4 battery terminals.

Sometimes the battery identification Spaces are not necessarily out of power or memory effect occurs, there may be a cell phone lifePo4 battery identification function problems. This usually occurs after the phone is used for a period of time to determine the solution is simple: Do not charge when there is a space immediately, to wait and see whether the phone automatically shut down soon. Of course, not necessary to check every time, over a period of time to pay attention to what is necessary. Otherwise it will speed up the memory effect of the battery. Of course, not all phones will appear this situation.In this way we could use portable solar power generator as the phone power bank.

Phone lifePo4 batteries phone weakness, it is a mobile phone in the shortest life expectancy of all components. Unfortunately, it is difficult to buy the original battery replaced.

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