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How Solar Energy Accessories Play a Role in Solar Power Generation

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-12 14:03:25
Solar accessories in the operation of solar powered portable generator equipment in the end how to play its powerful role in the selection and application of solar power generation equipment in the process of whether the pros and cons of solar power generation effects of its impact?

Solar accessories in the case of light will be converted to solar energy, at the same time solar power equipment, but also to the battery directly to the independent solar inverter power supply, inverter inverter through the solar inverter into AC power, to the AC load of solar power The device is continuously powered. Solar power generation equipment Most of the home system is made of solar power lifepo4 battery pack into the square of photovoltaic, solar power equipment charge and discharge controller, DC load, off-grid inverter, battery and AC load and other components. Such as solar power generation equipment output current of AC 220V or 110V, also need solar power equipment configuration inverter. Solar panels Solar panels are the core of solar power generation equipment, the role of solar panels is the sun's solar energy into electrical energy, the output DC into the solar power equipment battery. Solar panels Solar panels are one of the most important parts of solar power generation equipment, the conversion rate and service life is to determine whether the use of solar cells with an important factor.
solar powered portable generator
Abroad, the solar accessories utility program is still the basis of solar power generation equipment market. By 2015, photovoltaic power generation equipment storage battery photovoltaic storage accounts for all 84% of the expected. Housing and non - residential solar power equipment battery market is much smaller. But the solar energy storage battery storage equipment is still facing significant obstacles. Many solar power generation equipment does not have the current power generation technology with the cost advantage. The low price of natural gas suppresses the market peak load replacement and supporting services. And many countries lack the necessary management structure to promote the deployment of solar power equipment storage or solar power equipment, utilities industry incentives in their solar accessories storage project investment is far from enough to develop a more inexpensive solar power equipment.

Solar water heaters in the actual development of home appliances but did not go as expected route to go, once the smash hit of solar water heaters in a short period of time within eighty-nine years, fell into the bottom from the peak, solar power equipment business The number of thousands of moments from less to hundreds. Small-scale solar water heater equipment business news seems to have never stopped off.

Solar accessories industry continues to improve and promote the portable solar power generator equipment industry is also rapid development, although experienced a low solar water heater equipment, but with the continuous upgrading of technology solar power generation equipment and its impact in the upgrading of solar accessories under the influence of the new The energy industry to add a more strong, the peak of the new energy field will come.

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