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How Does The Sun Generate Energy On Rainy Days

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-02 19:28:40
Does portable solar power generator could generate on rain day ?Solar energy is the future of a revolution, but it has a very major drawback: if it rains, the panel basically useless, they can be stored under cloudy conditions energy is limited. The key to solving this problem lies in the graphene. Graphene is an excellent electrical conductivity material, just add a layer of electron-rich graphene, it can make a large number of electrons in the surface flow.

Solar power generation efficiency is low in a dark environment, not even electricity, which has been unable to solve the problem. More than a decade, the international community has invested a lot of manpower, material and financial resources to its research, but yet to see significant improvement.

Different approaches to develop the performance differences of graphene and graphene transmittance is not 100%, so that the efficiency of the battery when the normal light, than without graphene decreased cell efficiency, which is not economical in practice. After comparing multiple programs, researchers used YANG Pei-Chi team developed graphene, flexible solar cells on the completion of the experiments by hot assembly technique, pressing method it is a widely used technique, is under heated conditions tabletting film. But reasonable coupling graphene thin film solar cell is still a need to explore and innovative subject. Thus, in the experiment, the researchers used a certain concentration of sodium chloride were added to simulate rain, this solar cell to achieve approximately 100 microvolts / drop voltage and 0.5 microamps / current output drops 6.53% and a photoelectric conversion efficiency, solar power may also be in the rain.
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Turning to the road of industrialization rain generation of solar cells, Tang group Commission said that from the laboratory to the factory still has a long way to go, but he remains optimistic about the prospects of the project. Rainfall areas but not enough solar energy resource-rich areas, acid rain-prone areas as well as reefs and sea power, etc. This technology can come in handy. Tang pointed out that the group committee, rain solar power portable generation is not the ultimate goal, the development of solar cells is the ultimate all-weather over the future of solar cells is expected in any weather conditions, including during the day, night, overcast, rain, fog, haze, etc. can also generate electricity.

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