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How About Household Solar Power Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 16:49:39
Solar powered portable generator as a new clean energy, since the purification technology and price effects of the silicon crystal, has been in a high state, in no way the local electricity network, the use of this energy will be considered, due to the recent addition diesel prices of petroleum products can be used to generate electricity has soared, more and more attention as well as the solar industry, solar photovoltaic industry has been an unprecedented development, all kinds of solar products to the consumers show a new side. One of the products of best solar power generator for home is to bring a new outlook for the western rural household electricity.
portable solar power generator
Costs in the country, the northern Inner Mongolia, Tibet, Qinghai, western, southern Yunnan is rich in solar energy resources belong to the region, while rural population density in these areas due to the density of the country is less than the eastern coastal and central areas, so set up networking (the national grid) rather high, which also happens to solar photovoltaic products bring a broad market, several years ago a small number of rural residents have been using portable solar power generator for home systems, because of the solar photovoltaic industry has just started, the performance quality of the product is generally not enough ideal, the price is shockingly expensive, few people interested solar energy. Due to the recent solar water heaters and other areas in Yunnan and selling solar lights up more and more popular, but also allow more rural families understand portable solar energy generator.

As the solar photovoltaic industry started relatively late, many standard applications of solar power is not yet standardized, the majority of dealers on the portable solar powered generator system is also scanty to enter the industry, but more is to use the solar industry and consumer not understanding technology, transaction information asymmetry, so some consumers buy home systems take a few months paralyzed not continue to use, then have a variety of situations that may arise and take inventory and see what you Learn how much:

Solar photovoltaic principle: The solar cell module of the solar light into electricity through the battery to storage controller to prepare for normal load; and a controller as part of the whole system of control, in addition to protect the  lifepo4 batteries, there is monitoring, temperature compensation, time control and other functions; the system output to DC, as we all AC load, the need to configure the inverter. Rural Electrification solar energy generator for home System remote areas: as a stand-alone solar photovoltaic solar energy generator for home system can solve life, livestock production, education, health care and other residents of the problem of electricity, effectively improve the living and educational standards of the people in remote areas without electricity; improve local medical and health conditions, provide a guarantee for the safety of the people. Solar power systems for military power military barracks, barracks island solar power:

Solar power for our border posts, independent island of military equipment, military personnel living standards played an important role. Able to meet the border posts, barracks and office facilities living electricity supply, to ensure the normal use of equipment and power supply everyday life. Military mobile command vehicles to ensure that the solar powered unit when training camp and battle command vehicle, communication vehicle power supply. Solar power system applications in the communications field, to ensure that the communication base stations, microwave relay station power supply cable, unattended, the advantages of highly efficient and stable operation; provide 24-hour uninterrupted power supply, and enables remote monitoring, redundant power for CRAC power supply, communication facilities to ensure stable operation. Application examples: Repeater solar power system, solar power communications base stations, microwave / fiber optic cable repeater stations powered automatic monitoring of photovoltaic power supply:
Portable Solar Power Generator System
Solar photovoltaic applications in various fields to ensure the power supply monitoring various monitoring systems, reflecting unattended, the advantages of highly efficient and stable operation, and is widely used in the area of monitoring water hydrology, meteorology, seismology, electricity,Others, such as electricity high voltage power supply monitoring can't be obtained directly from the power lines, 24 hours a day of solar photovoltaic power supply to ensure that the monitoring system requires a stable continuous operation. Application examples: portable solar power generator use hydrology, water conservancy, metering stations and pipeline SCADA RTU system, solar power, solar powered seismic stations, forest fire solar powered video surveillance system powered transport sector:

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