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Household Solar Power Generator For Solar Cell Module Requirements

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 16:27:38
The solar cell module is on solar panels, also known as portable solar power generator modules, which is the number of individual solar cells in series or parallel combination according to the power and voltage requirements together, and then through a special production process encapsulated composition . Household solar photovoltaic system in one of the main components must meet certain requirements.

First, after the solar cell module from the factory to the production of good transportation and installation, to experience the impact of a series of photovoltaic panels vibration external force, especially should be able to withstand the impact of hail after installed, it must have sufficient mechanical strength. So glass solar cell module must be tempered, and after a drop test to test. High weather resistance, low water vapor permeability, good electrical insulation properties, excellent performance of solar power battery like lifepo4 battery back for solar pwoer generator; high degree of crosslinking, good anti-yellowing properties, good thermal stability, excellent adhesion resistance and other properties of EVA plastic high bond strength, good sealing encapsulant (neutral silicone rubber);; high transmittance, high strength tempered glass film
portable solar power generator
Second, the solar cell module is installed after a long time to twenty years continue to produce current through the wind and sun in all weather conditions, to prevent cells from corrosion. Thus, the component must have good sealing and insulation, can windproof, waterproof, leakproof.

Operating voltage and output power according to different requirements designed to provide a variety of wiring, to meet the different voltage, current and power output requirements; in order to meet the different power requirements. High-quality PV modules should meet a series of requirements. First, even under extreme conditions, the components must also be able to transmit marked with rated power. Together, these components must have safety and durability to ensure long-term high-yield system. In addition, within the shortest possible time, the components to be able to generate enough energy for portable solar power generator. More importantly, they have commercial viability. By TüV Rheinland testing services, you can fully certified the quality of your PV modules.

In addition to being used for good and bad battery slice level, the most important thing is to work products, work directly affects the life of the solar cell module. Therefore, in the purchase of a solar cell module, solar powered portable generator or a solar street light waterproof Pay particular attention to the work product. Before installation, the solar cell module must be pre-sorting, as much as possible close to the voltage or current components combined in the same square in order to achieve the best results. Inverter Inverter manufacturers for company intends to install solar power generation users, they have to consider: your roof suitable for installing solar power generator systems it because it is directly related to the actual effect?.
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