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Household Solar Power Generation System

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-29 15:50:33
The on-grid system is a system that combines the solar power generator system and the electric power system together to supply electricity. Generally divided into a reverse-current grid system, no backward flow network system, self-reliance operation switching system, AC and DC grid-type system, regional grid-type system. on-grid solar power generator system as an important form of future solar energy applications, will also occupy an increasingly important position in the future. As the solar power generation system has the above characteristics, the photovoltaic power generation system can be classified according to the different composition, purpose of use, etc., such as whether the power generated according to the photovoltaic power generation system is sent back to the power system can be divided into reverse flow System, on-grid system, non-back-flow (non-reverse power transmission system) type on-grid system, in addition to switching system, straight, AC to grid system, hybrid system and regional system.

Solar power generation system installation

Household solar power generator power supply system usually consists of PV modules, controllers, inverters, battery packs, electricity load and system connections (connectors) wires (lines), mechanical stents and other links components. Therefore, the normal use of the system involves the rational use of all aspects of the system, there is no doubt that a reasonable use and maintenance of a good system performance and service life will be greatly improved. However, if you want to make every link reasonable use, in fact, in many practical situations more difficult to achieve, such as the user can not guarantee that the solar panels are always placed on the sun, the system installation environment is different. However, some basic technical requirements should be strictly observed, the installation is as follows.Todady many family use solar powered portable generator as standby emergency power supply.
portable solar power generator
Determine the installation azimuth and tilt angle of its components The PV modules of the household systems are usually fixed installation. To ensure the maximum illumination energy for different locations, it is necessary to follow the installation manual or manufacturer's instruction to determine the installation azimuth and Tilt angle.The azimuth angle of PV module is the angle between the positive normal surface of the component and the normal south angle, and the inclination angle of the PV module is the angle between the positive surface of the module and the horizontal surface. If the installation location is in the northern hemisphere, Generally take α to zero, that is, towards the PV module is south, get the maximum annual average solar power generation.

The optimal tilt angle β of PV modules is a problem that can not be ignored in the installation of solar power generation system. The simple determination can be made to be equal to the local latitude. But its summer and winter to receive the balance of radiation is poor, likely to cause more than the summer and winter owe, not the best choice. In addition, in many cases the β value is determined on the basis of the maximum inter-annual minimum monthly dose (Northern Hemisphere in December; the southern hemisphere in June). Equivalent to the local latitude plus 15 ° -20 ° but this method is often to reduce the amount of summer radiation received at the expense of, is still not the best value. The better choice is the summer and winter adjustable structure. For the fixed installation structure can be obtained in terms of the maximum amount of interannual radiation. But most use cases are non-tunable structures,like solar powered portable generator is very esay to use. It is necessary to determine a preferred angle at different locations to maximize the mean annual interannual radiation.

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