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Homemade Solar Power Portable Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-13 10:36:19
Give you a visual impression of portable solar power generator, the following is the final freeze-frame the whole solar powered protable generator system, the main configuration or silicon components 40WP 60WP of, 5A solar controller, cross-flow output with DC, 5Vusb cell phone charger, lights and other full range of PWM type low-dropout PV charge controller, 12V 220V AC inverter of 300W pure sine wave inverter, wires and other chassis configuration is complete.

This is a 300W pure sine wave inverter patch, patch a lot of compact design make the whole volume of the inverter; require the full set of DIY accessories.

solar power portable generator

No specialized equipment, so I first welding transformer, so that the transformer can weight as much as possible fixed PCB board, this is not normal inverter maker! Because the solar inverters is the link between the high and low pressure device, under normal circumstances should be to ensure that other components soldered properly, check the good work of the circuit unit to normal after the transformer.

Usually with a soldering iron and finally get a magnifying glass, test a little, everything is normal! This is my first time to complete the patch make it! For me this uneducated person is actually very strenuous portable solar power generator.

So buy a full-featured, cost-efficiency of small volume fine PWM controller, small systems to deal with this very appropriate; this makes me complete systems save a lot of things, because the core technology all integrated well.

Proofing a solar one cabinet, not silk screen, equipped with a 40AH deep cycle battery, taking first try.

All goes well, the next figure is the picture of the success of the installation of integrated portable solar power generator systems

Portable Solar Generators

Today the sun is just right for portable solar power generator, respectively Class A monocrystalline component testing a 40WP and 60WP a look at the actual results, the angle of the solar panel is placed not very ideal, the charging effect is good, I feel very satisfied;

Complete results coupled components, the entire portable solar photovoltaic power became one machine.

solar powered protable generator

I updated the look of the chassis, equipped with a different color, with a few significant power meter, the whole portable solar power generator feeling on the next level.

The solar powered protable generator system functions: 60WP by five hours per day on average generating capacity calculation, a day of electricity generating capacity is 0.3, but is generally from the battery to full power shortage, so the actual effective power calculated to be 0.24 kWh; save battery power by 80% discharge the test results for the battery to fully meet 40AH12V 0.24 kWh storage; if it is two 3W DC LED lights do load, it can be used continuously 40 hours once filled, of course, would be a more than 80 hours, the discharge characteristics of the battery and related ; if it is a TV 50W AC load, because the conversion efficiency of the inverter can load four hours; other specific computer, laptop, cell phone charger matter what, with the electricity and certain conversion efficiency, we can estimate their own to daily life.
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