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History Of Development Solar Power Thermal

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-20 17:32:44
Human use of solar radiation of a light-heat conversion, a long history, is only the beginning inch more in the spontaneous disorganized total Ge] state. With the continuous development of social production, science and technology, and gradually become consciously planned and organized to carry out developed by Lilly in human history of the development of solar thermal utilization right foot, roughly dagger can be divided into three phases.The ancient until the 19th century.

Farming: Toyozane on human the evolutionary early, solar energy on the human survival and development has laid a good foundation in this sense, can be considered a solar human being who made use of the oldest energy first is the use of solar energy. direct planting crops, and later into a ho use and greenhouse Yang Qi way, take advantage of a light-heat conversion effect of solar radiation, so that crops can be grown successfully in a relatively cold and dry weather conditions.Today we use solar power portable generator for farming in many areas.
History Of Development Solar Power Thermal
Living: Living in the northern hemisphere of the human race, back in ancient times already mining dump building facing south structure south of the doors and windows open to be large, and gradually the use of transparent material as a window, an easy lighting, is to two. as much as possible through the solar radiation and convert it to heat. north of doors generally open to be smaller in order to reduce environmental heat newspaper the walls are phased in more absorption of solar radiation and heat storage material with a large capacity ( such as brick, stone, etc.), so as to maintain the temperature fluctuations of the room will not be too large.

Fire: ancient man except Zuanmuquhuo way, the country early in the Chung autumn period (era 205 years ago) of "Mo Jing" that is already using a metal (copper) mirrors focusing solar radiation in order to fire records rumored era before 215 to 212 years (Qin Shihuang 32 to 35 years), ancient Greece, Archimedes had used some very bright polished surface mirrors focusing solar radiation and burned the siege of Sierra Cox Roman Empire fleet.

Power: era a century or so ago, the ancient Egyptian city of Alexandria was the use of solar air heating to expand it, the Nile water drawn up for the use of irrigated farmland in 1615, surrounded by French people S. Cox (Corks) system for the first time. a solar water pump _ 1833 Eric Sun (Ericson) using a long 3.05m, wide-focus type collectors 4.8Srn of water 16cm diameter metal tube is heated into steam to drive an inner diameter of lm, stroke 20, erbium steam reciprocating plunger speed of 120 revolutions per minute.

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