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High Rate Fast Charge LifePo4 Storage Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-11 15:56:51

By matching cell materials research, improved battery energy density, cycle, high temperature adaptability and rate charge and discharge performance; introducing a functional ceramic membrane structure and design optimization to improve the safety performance of the solar power battery, especially anti-overcharge performance is greatly improved; compliance with the German VDA standard size, security compliance by IEC 62660-2 European standards, product adaptability, has a high market competitiveness, promote the use of the international market.

LD1250B LifePo4 Solar storage battery
High rate fast charge LifePo4 battery pack: current domestic lithium-ion battery development and production has been very extensive, but now the battery cycle life, high rate discharge, Cold start so far to meet customer expectations . 

To solve the lack of battery cycle life, low magnification charge and discharge efficiency and cold starting performance is poor technical problems, use hard carbon anode material with a lithium iron phosphate cathode material solutions. Graphene and nano-coated cathode material, a hard carbon graphite composite anode material, and structural optimization design, developed a high rate of low temperature LifePo4 ion battery (core technology).

The battery can be large current discharge 30C, 10C (10 minutes) fast charging, start-stop power supply suitable for automotive and other areas need to be high-rate charge and discharge (technological breakthroughs 1). At the same time the battery has excellent low temperature performance, -40 ℃ discharge efficiency of over 80%.

New soft carbon anode materials for lithium-ion batteries: lithium-ion batteries as a new energy industry, the core technology has been rapid development in recent years, but its application in the process also faces low cycle life, high production costs, poor high temperature performance technology puzzle, Shandong Viagra can solve these problems, the introduction of low cost, long life, excellent high temperature performance of soft carbon material as the negative electrode, developed a new type of silicon carbide having a negative electrode for lithium-ion batteries.

Product design process to study the process of closing the pulp slurry rheology, stability and dispersion characteristics and the technology to optimize and improve the quality of the pole pieces, put battery manufacturing consistency.
soral storage battry
By optimizing the cell design to improve high current battery charge and discharge performance and low-temperature discharge performance. Battery 3C discharge capacity retention rate of over 95%, low temperature -40 ℃ discharge capacity retention rate of over 80% to match the battery material design. Our solar powered portable generator also use lithium battery to store energy.

Improve the cycle performance of the battery, 80% DOD can charge and discharge cycles more than 6000 times.
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