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High-performance Solar Cell For Solar Power Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-02 15:37:11
All along, we want high-performance solar cells, used in portable solar power generator, bring more convenience to people's lives.When silicon or graphene surface by the light, within which some of the electrons excited to a higher energy state, in a few femtoseconds (quadrillionth 48v inverter price of a second) in the completion of a series of rapid response. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers to find a new way to stimulate within the first few femtoseconds electronic manipulation of electrons in graphene light. This ultrafast electronic control technology can change their direction before the high-energy electrons collide with each other, and ultimately is expected to develop a more efficient photovoltaic devices and energy harvesting devices.
solar power generator
Associate professor of physics at MIT Pablo Jiali Luo - Hairui Luo and colleagues in past experiments has designed a very thin "sandwich" micro device, the upper and lower layers are graphene, the middle layer of insulating boron nitride. By varying the voltage and light intensity, they found that a specific voltage and the wavelength of light can produce a strong current in the intermediate layer, which indicates that high-energy electrons in the graphene layer between the upper and lower realized tunneling without losing too much energy.If this use in solar power portable generator is every perfect.

Study observed micro device current with changing the voltage and the wavelength of light varies. When irradiating the upper graphene, the current can be adjusted within a few femtoseconds. Applying different voltages and different wavelengths of light that can guide the high-energy electrons remain in the upper energy dispersion, or tunneling under the BN arrival led solar street light wholesale level and other decentralized energy electron collision. They also draw a different voltage and optical wavelength combination table based on experimental results.Today we have used most lifePo4 batteries as solar power staorage battry.

Normally you can only begin operations after the femtosecond, then fast reaction has occurred before. We can in a few femtoseconds, before the high-energy electrons interact with other electrons, they decided to go here or there. Jiali Luo - Hairui Luo said, if you want to jump from one layer to another layer of electrons, but only the blue, we would need this voltage; if green photon, you have more voltage options. The researchers noted that this may result from the nature of ultrafast control graphene itself. Because Graphene is a single atomic layer thin, electron not jump too far. Harvard University physics professor Philip Kim said the new outcome-based optoelectronics and energy harvesting device graphene structure has taken an important step.
Portable Solar Power Generator System
Energy storage has been the human life's important part, as modern science has improved continuously evolving means to improve the efficiency of energy capture, and store become scientists have been pursuing the goal. In response, researchers have reduced the quality of small-scale research of electronic levels. This time, MIT research team found use ultrafast method to controll graphene electrons, this "manipulation" of energy may eventually generate new ways of more efficient means of collecting light energy. Scientists hope to redouble their efforts so that the energy structure of graphene-based collection devices in the near future become a reality.If this come true we could not worry about outstorage of  outages  when we travel or camping ,than we could us solar power portable generator for more days without charge.

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