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High Energy Lithium Battery Research

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-07 17:16:29
High energy density roadmap include: high voltage cathode material, high-g capacity anode material. High-voltage lifePo4 batteries cathode material usually refers to a voltage higher than 4.2V of the positive electrode material. Lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide, ternary materials are high-voltage, high-voltage lithium cobalt oxide in which commercialization has been very mature, widely used in high-end digital products, energy density than conventional batteries triples higher. Current high-voltage lithium cobalt oxide voltage is typically 4.35V, the next 3--5 years 4.4V, 4.5V high voltage lithium cobalt oxide or a large-scale application.
Ternary a high voltage cathode material rarely used, basically at the research stage. But ternary a high voltage cathode material may be the future reach 300Wh/kg energy density breakthrough. Currently ternary NCM811 material grams capacity more than 180mAh/g, by coating or mixed can achieve high voltage, while its capacity will be further enhanced grams (high voltage material equivalent to no activity of lithium activated low voltage, greater limit use of materials). But the high voltage of the ternary material, there are many technical issues remain unresolved, the stability of the material itself has not been resolved.
Lithium manganese oxide cathode materials for rechargeable electric potential of up to 4.7V, the lattice structure is very stable. Currently manganese lithium energy density 150Wh/kg, higher than the energy density of lifePo4. Lithium manganese oxide crystal structure stability, good thermal stability, manganese lithium security is very high. Wherein the lithium manganese oxide - lithium titanate battery systems in fast-charge field has an excellent prospect.
The capacity of lifePo4 has played close to the theoretical, activated by a high voltage of more difficult lithium, the effect is very limited. However, phosphoric acid, Fe, Mn (V) lithium, lithium iron silicate higher energy density, is that many popular areas of research institutions and enterprises research, lithium iron silicate molecule contains two lithium-ion, the theoretical capacity of up to gram 332mAh/g.Today we think lifePo4 battery is the best storage for solar power portable generator.
 Portable Solar Power Generator System
High voltage cathode materials require high-voltage battery electrolyte with the whole system is running well. For electrolyte stable operation under high voltage environment, we must improve the oxidation resistance of the solvent, while blocking the direct contact with the positive electrode and the electrolyte. Improve the oxidation resistance of electrolyte comprising fluorinated solvents, fluorinated solvents price is too high, large-scale application difficult to achieve. Other new ionic liquid solvent such as oxidation resistance, has good ionic conductivity and oxidation resistance, is an excellent solvent of lithium batteries, but their prohibitive large-scale promotion. Blocking the electrolyte and electrolyte direct contact methods include coating cathode material, cathode film forming additives. Coated cathode material and additives research is very large, the effect is very obvious, is the future of an important means to enhance oxidation resistance.
Ternary materials, large-scale development and application of relatively late, in terms of energy density there is still much room for improvement. The current mainstream material manufacturers have been able to do 180mAh/g level, and ternary high nickel material theoretical capacity up to 270mAh/g, there is still much room for improvement. Currently high capacity ternary material sensitive to the presence of water, the first low efficiency, poor circulation features. With advances in technology or solve these problems, but also a lot of positive electrode of lithium-rich hot research institutions and enterprises research. Use different storage battery the portable solar power generator price is different,so we could choose suitable solar power generator .On the other hand silicon-based anode materials can greatly enhance the capacity of gram negative. Graphite anode materials have been mainly graphite anode technology is very mature, the actual capacity is already very close to the theoretical capacity. To increase the capacity of the negative electrodeg, other materials must be used.

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