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High Efficiency Solar Energy Storage Battery Material

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-11 11:02:33
The latest study found that a group of very promising lead mixed halide perovskite materials, they can be recycled light particles. This new discovery opens the door to maximize the efficiency of the solar storage batteries, it will lead to a new generation of affordable high-performance solar storage batteries reality.
LD4840B Household energy storage battery
Organic halides lead perovskite materials are made from organic and inorganic molecules forming an ordered self-assembly of organic - inorganic hybrid compound, with the ease of processing, and low cost, along with high electron mobility, photovoltaic and thermal stability etc., which makes the prospect of such materials has an important development in the application of low-cost solar power storage.
LD1250B LifePo4 Solar storage battery
Mixed Lead halide perovskite is a special synthetic material, having a revolutionary impact on the development of the solar energy battery storage, experts have carried out a lot of research, can once cheap and simple to manufacture this material, within a few years perovskite solar energy storage will work with current energy efficiency of solar cells is almost the same. About cycle of sunlight to optimize research perovskite is only a start, by absorbing solar photons of solar energy storage batteries after charging, this process, in turn, are also possible, because when the charge recombination, they can produce photons, this study shows a solar  having a perovskite resorption of these extra photons reproduction capability, i.e., photon recycling process. Capacity utilization cycle photons can be relatively easy to make solar cell breakthrough in energy efficiency limit of the battery storage for solar power, at the same time, the solar cell also can be used for solar powered portable generator.

These materials are not only the development of solar storage batteries, LED can also carry out research and development.

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