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High Efficiency Solar Charging Suits

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-09 15:01:29
When you hear the word wearable solar energy, the mind may be thought of is very heavy and hard solar panels and solar power batteries made up similar to the armor of the same clothes. If you want to re-use this clothing for their mobile devices to charge, you may feel completely fantasy, but in fact, such clothes have been not far away from us.

Dutch fashion designer Pauline van Dongen and her team have been working on high-tech fashion for many years. Every piece of Fan Dongen's work has two features that not only look stylish, but also contain some kind of science and technology that can help The wearer to solve some real life problems, including the integration of the lamp elements of the night clothing and today we have to introduce the solar charging service.
solar power batteries
It is understood that Fan Dongen joint solar expert Geert Jan Jongerden designed this stylish solar charging service, they are very clever front of the clothes arranged 72 to absorb the solar light folding battery. At the same time, this set of clothes can also be adjusted according to the brightness of the sun hidden in the shoulder and waist 48 hard silicon solar power batteries. Its direct sunlight in an hour after the electricity generated can be an ordinary smart phone to add 50% of the electricity, it sounds really is the power of the larger components of the photovoltaic components of the more magical thing.

This solar charging service is Fan Dong En also with Jon Ge homemade 48v 220v inverter board to carry out a series of solar street lighting manufacturers to do a part of the wearable solar clothing design work, they hope to be more advanced photovoltaic technology The integration into the fashion clothing only to make the wearer can always charge for their mobile devices, if the plan in the future to be successful, then people will get rid of external lifepo4 battery pack directly to their own as a mobile phone charger, which is quite a praise Creativity, so let us work together to look forward to their research can soon become a reality.

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