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Hexagonal Boron Nitride Used For Portable Power Genrator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-02 19:06:39
Hexagonal boron nitride used for portable solar power genrator,now heat the phone there are two, one is a graphite film, this cooling method suitable for mobile phone back shell is a metal phone, the heat conduction on all metal back shell. The other is of the tubular type, but this heat is right for the back shell is plastic, glass and other materials are metal frame mobile phone, the heat conduction through a small tube to the metal frame. But honestly, now heat sink thermal conductivity is not good enough.

Power battery, super capacitor 6 m solar power generator street basis, a solar PV installation angle is not good pool, video screens and fuel cells are likely to become as thin as a sheet of paper. Oak Ridge National Laboratory postdoctoral Stehle Yee and his colleagues are still studying graphene hexagonal boron nitride capacitors and 2-D prototype fuel cell, which is not only a "slim", and is transparent.
portable solar power generator
Currently, the test results are not able to fully graphene and the results obtained are consistent with the theory, researchers in the design of white graphene ratio, it is desirable to fully exploit the full potential of graphene. They believe that the use of white graphene as a substrate, by further reducing the thickness and increase the flexibility of the electronic device, it is possible to solve this problem.

Graphene is harder than the carbon fiber material is stronger, is a promising material, can be applied to the data transmission equipment. The growth in the white graphene substrate of graphene Graphene can be obtained thousands of times higher electron mobility Jinko PV modules compared to other substrates. This will greatly enhance the speed of data transmission at present. The researchers noted that the major reason for this achievement, but also because it makes the material beyond the theoretical value. For example, a recent study in the theory of Rice University completed recommend using white graphene to cool electronic equipment. Researchers have made high-quality hexagonal boron nitride layer, and believe that we can effectively expand the scale of production.

The researchers said that although had a variety of hexagonal boron nitride single crystal form, such as triangular, hexagonal ratio have been analyzed in a theoretical study, but this is the first time experimentally demonstrated and explained the process . This process is carried out under normal atmospheric pressure through a chemical vapor deposition reactor. Note that the two factors that need to choose a more moderate temperature, and more accurate control skillfully reactant to the reactor released.We look forward to hexagonal boron nitride as the storage battery for solar power portable generator in future.

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