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Heliostat Tower Power Generation System

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-22 15:06:30
If you want to use the collector to produce high power, such as a power center goblets, it would require a huge optical aperture area. If the sun irradiance GOOWirr2, the conversion efficiency of 33%, the small portable solar power generator unit to generate 100MW of modern You will need 0.67km2 aperture area, which is equivalent to a side length of aS2kin square.

Site 4: all covered with reflective or refractive optical system and therefore will take many previously described solar cells operate in parallel without any interference but, in fact, as the working fluid in the fluid energy transport processes in the field. Losses and various other factors, to the concept of making the most of the advantages of multi-unit and have been more than offset by the interference is currently under study system, usually by a central receiver placed on the tower and surrounding land filled plane mirror composed of these almost mirrors called heliostats track the sun automatically by computer control and solar energy reflected onto a receiver.

Currently, in the southwestern United States, the former Soviet countries of Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa's desert region, has been established or are planning to build a large scale (the number of power from the dry one thousand M: to hundreds of MW) solar thermal power stations, the core part of the mirror is given H tower solar power generation system. as well as the use of tens of thousands of plane surface heliostats to focus solar radiation at the center of the receiver on the tower, so that one of the working fluid boils, the resulting the steam drive? Turbo move. I face in this area started late, the former giant is working on preliminary research work ashamed.
portable solar power generator
People use the sun to reach the earth's surface on a light radiant energy conversion to electricity production and service life, history is not very long, less than half a century. Because of a low efficiency, and second, even more because the cost was too high, Although early in 1941 it has been reported on silicon photovoltaic cells, but until 1954 only appeared Ding current silicon photovoltaic cells of the first generation of products because it is the first in an appropriate efficiency of light energy converted into electrical energy photovoltaic devices, solar cells so marked significant progress in the development work of its appearance from 1958 onwards, the battery began to be used as the main power source and spacecraft Sputnik;. to the early 1960s, for space silicon photovoltaic cell design applications has matured to preclude the use of small-scale photovoltaic power at the beginning, then increasing the scale of production of portable solar generator, but still mainly a space for details on this stage.

The early 1970s, the development of silicon photovoltaic cells experience an innovative stage, a variety of optical electrical energy conversion efficiency have been significantly mention Gao. At the same time, solar cells for terrestrial applications people again became interested in the late 1970s, ground the number of solar cell applications has exceeded the number of space applications, along with the cost of doubling production decreased significantly in the early 1980s, but also some new technology, for a last-ho reduce the cost basis to late 80s , the world's annual output has reached 45MW (peak power), this rapid development with the continuous improvement of the efficiency of the solar cell (single-crystal silicon solar cell efficiency has more than 20% of amorphous silicon thin film solar cell efficiency of up to 10 commercial application of this God through the use of solar photovoltaic effect of the method has been to Korea around the greater%) and a significant reduction in cost (about 4-5USD) obtained may eventually exceed the use of solar thermal scale and become the main way of using solar power portable generator.

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