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Heat Transfer Heat Radiation And Solar Radiation

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-21 14:55:31
In an absorber plate with a cap and a typical flat-plate solar collectors, heat radiation and solar radiation heat transfer in several ways. First o Fuyi, solar radiation must pass through the transparent cover sheet and plate heat absorbed. then, some of the absorbed solar radiation again set new thermal radiation emitted manner and in between the absorber plate and the cap, the cap layer and the outermost layer cover and the surroundings reported lost in the entire collector device before making a final energy balance must be calculated for each loss item in addition, if a focusing solar collector system must also be considered and reflected through the following that loss of these jobs taken and heat loss are discussed separately.Why you need a portable solar power genertaor as a backup power for emergency ?

By the energy loss cap: when solar radiation on a transparent or translucent material layer plane, not all can be transmitted through the layer of radiation transmittance r is usually used to characterize the transmission ratio of the energy of the incident energy in general. case, the value of the transmittance of the capping layer material composition, thickness and the cover layer and the direction of incident radiation wavelength.

Radiation incident to the process translucent cap on the inside had to undergo multiple reflections, the entire cap transmittance of each beam of light will be experienced to determine whenever the light is incident to a boundary surface, part of the total energy withstand reflection, for a given angle of incidence and relative index, you can use Snell's law and Fresnel's law to calculate the interface reflectance. this is both for the polarization or child or both can be carried out. Similarly, when when the light from one interface to reach the cap inside another interface, part of the radiation energy is converted within its cap can be absorbed by the material.
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Its tracking beam of light experienced by all the reflection and transmission, might as well use the method to calculate the net radiation transmittance cap - In this method, an interface for each side of the light to reach inward and to indicate, respectively external radiation heat transmittance is the cap on the final net heat flow outward and inward flux incident on the interface and internal heat than with the S-phase relationship can be obtained from the ratio. on a certain interface outward heat flow from the interface reflection and transmission as a composition.

To obtain Gao transmittance system, within the material must be high transmittance, reflectance and must be lower than the interface. Accordingly, the wavelength range of solar radiation, the capping layer material must have a very low linear absorption coefficient, the refractive index it should be as close to the ambient gas. surface coatings can also be used to improve the transmission ratio. It should be noted, increasing the number of holding cap system significantly reduced net transmittance. Since the reflection of polarized light of each component has been different, the above conclusions are only applicable component and a component 5, while the total transmission ratio of the system shall be the average of the components and systems 5 component evening transmittance.

Whether directional transmission over said hemispherical transmittance, are generally a function of the wavelength of the radiation. In order to obtain the total transmittance of all wavelengths, it shall be the unit wavelength interval through the heat and take on the entire wavelength range, of course, the results you must be proportional to the total incident heat flux.

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